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Watch this ATM... Auto-Thanking Machine at work!!

Watch this ATM... Auto-Thanking Machine at work!!

As a promotion for a Canadian bank, one of its ATMs was turned into an "Automatic Thanking Machine."  The video posted on YouTube by TD Bank shows various customers using the machine and getting rewards like tickets to Disneyland, an elderly woman getting a trip to see her daughter, and a Blue Jays fan getting to throw out the first pitch and much more.

The video was part of a larger campaign that had bank employees handing out $20 (Canadian) to customers one day last weekYou can watch the entire video here.

Mysterious 'Woman in Black' says her journey has ended in Virginia

'Woman in Black': Journey ends, but mystery lingers

The long, winding journey of the "Woman in Black" is apparently over.

A crowd surrounded the woman in Winchester, Virginia, on Wednesday. She reportedly told the crowd that her journey is over and that it was all about faith and religion, but she’s not saying much else.

'#RichKids of Beverly Hills' stars (L to R) Dorothy Wang, E.J. Johnson and Morgan Stewart

#RichKids: We didn't know name of show at first

The daughter of a billionaire and the son of NBA legend Magic Johnson are two of TV’s newest reality stars.

HLN’s Robin Meade sat down with the cast of "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" to find out what they had to say about fame, fashion and even the crisis in the Middle East!

Is Justin Bieber taunting Orlando Bloom?

Is Justin Bieber taunting Orlando Bloom?

A post on Justin Bieber's Instagram account featuring a year-old pic of Orlando Bloom appearing to cry is fueling chatter about an alleged feud between the singer and the actor. 

The two were seen fighting at a restaurant in Spain.

File photo: Stores like Target and the Containter Store now offering college gift registries

Babies, brides inspire new back-to-school trend

You've probably bought gifts for friends and family who registered at stores ahead of their wedding, or the birth of a baby.

Now, stores like Target and The Container Store are offering students something similar by letting them register for things they'll need when they go off to college.

Health workers wearing protective suits walk in an isolation center for people infected with Ebola

Ebola forcing volunteers out of Africa

At least three humanitarian organizations are rushing to pull hundreds of volunteers out of Africa, as the deadly Ebola virus spreads.

The peace corps is withdrawing more than 300 volunteers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh describes the eerie scene at the MH17 crash site

Eerie scene at lonely MH17 crash site

There are new concerns at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight 17.

Ukrainian officials say terrorists have laid land mines in the area and that warning has delayed investigators.

Ax falls of truck and goes through vehicle windshield in Massachusetts

Driver, passenger OK after freak highway 'ax-cident'

A driver and passenger say they were rattled, but otherwise OK after an ax came flying through the windshield.

Massachusetts state police say the ax fell off a truck and went halfway through the window of another car. The ax became stuck in the dashboard on the passenger side.

This map outlines countries where the Ebola virus outbreak began. On July 27, 2014, at least 1,201 people in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia have been infected by what is believed to be the virus, the World Health Organization said

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Ebola outbreak leads Peace Corps to pull out of 3 nations
- Liberian information minister: "This matter has reached a crisis point"

Watch: Cops catch Zimmerman on 'patrol' in Florida

Watch: Cops catch Zimmerman on 'patrol' in Florida

Former neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman was spotted back on patrol this weekend in Central Florida, this time outside a store in Deland that sells motorcycles, guns and ammunition.

In dash cam video recorded by police officers, you can hear them call the store's owner to make sure Zimmerman had permission to be there.