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Jane Velez-Mitchell

Jane Velez-Mitchell takes a stand on the biggest topics of the day that people across the country are buzzing about.

Jane investigates: Where is Mickey Shunick?

Jane investigates: Where is Mickey Shunick?

Editor’s Note: On Thursday Jane will speak to NASCAR driver Buster Graham.  Graham will have Mickey Shunick’s picture painted on the hood of his car for the ARCA Racing Series in the Pennsylvania. He tells Jane, why he decided to replace sponsors with Mickey’s image and why this case in particular hits him close to home.

College co-ed Mickey Shunick disappeared in the middle of the night while riding her bicycle home from her friend’s house in Lafayette, Louisiana. Police found her bike about 25 miles away submerged in swampy water, hidden under a bridge. The bike was damaged and police believe it was taken to that spot and hidden from view. Investigators are searching for a mysterious white pick-up truck spotted on surveillance cameras in the area around the time of Mickey’s disappearance.