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Jane Velez-Mitchell

Jane Velez-Mitchell takes a stand on the biggest topics of the day that people across the country are buzzing about.

Uncle of missing girl kills himself

Uncle of missing girl kills himself

Brittney Wood was last seen by her family on May 30. According to family members the 19-year-old said she was going to a home near Styx River, Alabama, to visit her uncle, Donnie Wood. She was never seen again.

On Friday, June 1, Donnie Wood returned to his home near Fairhope, Alabama, and killed himself. No one has seen Brittney since she left her family’s home. Her last cell phone transmission indicates that Brittney was in the Styx River area, but it is unclear whether or not she ever met up with her uncle.  Anyone with any information is asked to call 251-208-7211.