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Jane Velez-Mitchell

Jane Velez-Mitchell takes a stand on the biggest topics of the day that people across the country are buzzing about.

Cattle transport comes under fire

Cattle transport comes under fire

Animal rights activists are calling for a ban on animal exporting after nearly 4,000 cattle bound for Russian farms were trapped in what critics are calling a ‘torture chamber.’

An international trip led to the deaths of hundreds of cattle after they were loaded on a freighter ship to sail across the ocean. Many of the cows ended up lying in several inches of filth next to empty feed and water containers.

Do you think there were enough warning signs to prevent the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of actor Johnny Lewis?

updated 2:03 PM EDT, Fri September 28, 2012
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60% Yes - someone should have had an intervention
40% No - you never know what is happening in someone's mind

Do you think the atty for Baby Gabe's mom should be questioning witnesses and managing his client's appearance more in court!

updated 1:14 PM EDT, Fri September 28, 2012
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80% Yes - without a doubt
20% No - he has a strategy and he's sticking to it
Jodi Arias is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Are Jodi Arias' lawyers conceding guilt?

It's taken more than four years, but Jodi Arias is finally scheduled to go to trial for the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, later this year.

Alexander, a Mormon motivational speaker, was found dead and mutilated in the shower of his Mesa, Arizona home. Arias has changed her story several times.

Shocking New Binge Drinking Trend?

Shocking New Binge Drinking Trend?

The latest alleged craze on at least one college campus is...enemas? But this isn't the clinically invasive medical procedure of yore. Nor is it the new age version advocated by cleanse-obsessed health nuts. As with most things college-related, these enemas involve alcohol. And lots of it.

University of Tennessee fraternity member Alexander P. Broughton was rushed to the hospital with a blood-alcohol content of over 0.40%. According to police, authorities believe Broughton and others had used rubber tubing to funnel alcohol into their bodies through their rectums. Broughton has made a full recovery, but could this practice be as dangerous as it is absurd? Jane Velez-Mitchell and a panel of experts investigate.

Rico the Rescue

Rico the Rescue

Jane and her trusty sidekick Rico the Chihuahua embark on a mission to save other animals! Rico is a rescue dog, and there are so many other pets just as sweet as he is who need a home. In our latest installment, Jane and Rico are trying to find a home for adorable little pup Griffin.

We're happy to report that Griffin has found a home! If you'd like to give another animal a happy ending, go to, or to to find a shelter or rescue group in your area.

Mayra Rosales confessed to accidentally crushing her 2-year-old nephew Eliseo.

Is half-ton woman too fat to be a killer?

TLC's latest documentary is decidedly darker than Honey Boo Boo. Their upcoming "Half-Ton Killer" follows the story of Mayra Rosales, the 1,100-pound woman at the center of a devastating family tragedy. Mayra confessed to accidentally crushing her 2-year-old nephew Eliseo. But investigators determined that she was too physically limited to have fallen on the boy, and they believe he died from head trauma.

In a shocking twist, Mayra changed her story, claiming she was taking the fall for her sister Jaime, who beat Eliseo to death. Jaime is currently serving 15 years behind bars after pleading guilty to causing injury to a child.

Baby Gabriel's Dad Drops Bombs in Court

Baby Gabriel's Dad Drops Bombs in Court

Logan McQueary testified in an Arizona court today, claiming his ex Elizabeth Johnson confessed to the murder of their 8-month-old son Gabriel. He alleges Johnson told him that she suffocated the baby and threw his tiny body in a dumpster. Johnson disappeared with the baby nearly three years ago while engaged in a contentious custody dispute with McQueary. Johnson told police she gave Gabriel away to strangers in San Antonio, and the police still consider the baby a missing person.

McQueary got emotional in court as he talked about the last time he saw his son and described Johnson's confession.

Activists: Taiji dolphin slaughter is 'inhumane'

Activists: Taiji dolphin slaughter is 'inhumane'

Each year around this time, thousands of dolphins and whales are herded into shallow water off Taiji, Japan, and killed. It is a practice that animal activists are calling "brutal and inhumane." They are determined to spread awareness in an effort to end this slaughter.

Animal advocate Melissa Sehgal works with the animal welfare group Sea Shepherd. She has been in the infamous "cove" and joined Jane to give an update on this controversial practice.