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Tonight: Drastic action in response to school sex abuse allegations

The entire staff at a Los Angeles-area elementary school has been replaced in response to allegations that that two teachers committed lewd acts with students. Have the bonds of trust been broken forever? Are children being further traumatized by losing their teachers mid-school year? Is this just the beginning of what appears to be a growing scandal? Dr. Drew and his guests address those questions and others in a calm, reasonable and reassuring way.

Then, sex and religion. Should the church have any say about what happens in someone's bedroom? It's a debate that's raged for decades. Two men of the cloth who strayed join Dr. Drew for a lively debate.

CNN anchor talks coming out, sexual abuse

CNN anchor Don Lemon has reported on big news like the death of Michael Jackson, Hurricane Katrina, and the election of Barack Obama.

Don announced live on CNN that he was the victim of sexual abuse

Cheryl Burke: 'I have trust issues'

"Dancing with the Stars" performer Cheryl Burke talked to Dr. Drew about her painful past on Friday.

She recently released an autobiography describing how she was molested at a young age.