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Woman has sex with clients for therapy

A new movie based on the life of sex surrogate Cheryl Cohen Greene premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week and received rave reviews.

Greene has intercourse with clients for therapy. She explained to Dr. Drew Thursday night exactly what her profession entails.

Pastor promotes marital sex on roof?

Pastor Ed Young and his wife spend 24 hours in bed on top of a church to promote healthier marital sex.

Women married to sex offenders?

Hear from women who refused to support their men after allegations and then convictions of child sex abuse.

Abducted sex slave: 10 years of terror

Dr. Drew and his guests talked about a 15-year-old California girl who's gone missing, but reportedly living with a man in Mexico where she has gotten married and pregnant.

We know she is OK from a Facebook post that no one other than her mother had seen.

Adult women having sex with kids?

HLN's Dr. Drew and guests discuss why adult women have sex with kids.

Teacher fired over gay porn career

Shawn Loftis tells Dr. Drew that he was fired from the Miami-Dade school district because of his gay porn past.

Sugar daddies paying for college?

Are attractive college women really posting profiles online searching for a sugar daddy to pay for their debt?

Dr. Drew takes a closer look.

NYT: Rep. Weiner's Wife Pregnant

The New York Times has reported that Rep. Anthony Weiner s wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant.

Is that why she said that she’ll stand by him?

Rep. Weiner apologizes for 'terrible mistakes'

U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner apologized has apologized for Tweeting lewd photos to women.

He gave a tearful confession in front of television cameras on Monday.

College: Hookups in, dating out

Dating is apparently out and hookups are in. It’s a fast-paced pressure cooker for today’s college kids. Is sex out of control on campuses? Dr. Drew takes a closer look.