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Women who dominated 2011 media coverage

Casey Anthony, Robyn Gardner and Amanda Knox dominated the 2011 media coverage. Was this the year of the femme fatale? Dr. Drew and his guests discuss their stories.

Friends react to Giordano's release from Aruban jail

Gary Giordano, the man suspected in the disappearance of his travel companion, Robyn Gardner, is now a free man and back in the United States.

He had been in custody in Aruba for nearly four months, but prosecutors apparently did not have enough evidence to hold him any longer.

Will suspect in Aruba case walk free?

Aruban authorities call Gary Giordano the main suspect in the disappearance of an american woman there.

Could he be a free man by this time tomorrow?

Vanished in Aruba: Where is Robyn Gardner?

On Friday, special guest host Lisa Bloom discussed the case of the missing American tourist Robyn Gardner, who vanished in Aruba two weeks ago.

The main suspect, Gary Giordano, took out a travel insurance policy on Gardner. He's still being held in Aruba.

Vanished In Aruba: Was Money A Motive?

Gary Giordano apparently took out a travel insurance policy on Robyn Gardner according to authorities in Aruba.

Some reports say it was worth $1.5 million. Could this be a motive for murder?

Missing in Aruba: Suspect detained 16 more days

What really happened to an American beauty in Aruba?

Robyn Gardner, 35, simply vanished, disappearing almost two weeks ago while on the tropical island. She was staying in the very same resort town where teenager Natalee Holloway was last seen in 2005.

Missing woman in Aruba: Flirting with danger?

The FBI joined the search for a missing American woman in Aruba this week.

Robyn Gardner's travel companion says she drowned while swimming in rough water, but there are some major problems with his story.

Murder in paradise?

Aruban authorities have called off the search for a missing Maryland woman, whose alleged secret lover says she vanished while they were snorkeling in Aruba's Baby Beach.

She was staying in the very same resort town where teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared in 2005.