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Tonight! Saluting our troops with 'Grey's Anatomy' star Kevin McKidd

Paging Dr. Owen Hunt! Actor Kevin McKidd plays a doctor who experienced post-traumatic stress disorder on the hit TV show. He has taken a personal, off-screen interest in the condition, and helping those with it. He joins Dr. Drew for a frank discussion about PTSD. Now that the Iraq war is officially over, many more servicemen and women are likely to experience the condition. We'll meet a real-life wife who tells us about the toll it can take on caretakers.

And Dr. Drew and his guests will discuss the testimony in the Penn State child sex abuse case. The man who claims he saw Jerry Sandusky assaulting a boy, speaks under oath, at a prelimary hearing.

What women really want

What in the world do women want?

Dr. Drew gets up close and personal with real women who know what they want and have no problems expressing their needs and desires to Dr. Drew.

Teacher-student relationship dangers

Joshua Ferrier, who had a sexual relationship with a teacher, wanted to kill himself after it was made public. The teacher pleaded no contest last month.

Hear Ferrier express his thoughts to Dr. Drew on the dangers of a teacher-student relationship.

Kendra Wilkinson talks Hugh Hefner, drugs, sex

She became famous for being one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. Now she's an international sex symbol, but Kendra Wilkinson doesn't see herself that way.

Looking at her now, you'd never know that the young mom had such a dark past. There were drugs and taboo sex. She was even institutionalized.

What's going on in the male mind?

Women have been driving themselves crazy over it for years! What are men thinking? Where are the normal men? Why isn't “Prince Charming” calling me back?

Well, Dr. Drew invited an all-star group of "experts" to discuss such questions.

Secrets of a sexless marriage

We all remember the news late last year of David Arquette and Courteney Cox announcing their split.

But just last night, the two were seen posing together at the “Scream 4” premiere in Hollywood acting quite friendly toward one another.

Dr. Drew: Celebrity narcissism is seducing America

We all can be consumed by celebrity behavior almost every day of our lives.

Sometimes though, young people will model some of the stars’ narcissistic behavior.