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Mansion mystery body exhumed?

Sources say the Dr. Phil show is helping to exhume the body of Coronado mansion death victim Rebecca Zahau.

Guest on Dr. Drew Tuesday night, Jen Heger, legal editor for RadarOnline, says the body has already been exhumed and flown to Pennsylvania.

Coronado mansion mystery: Will police re-open the case?

Rebecca Zahau's death is full of contradictions. Dr. Drew looks at all the developments.

Dr. Drew reacts to knotting expert

Behind-the-scenes video: Dr. Drew just interviewed a forensic knotting expert who had a lot to say about the Rebecca Zahau case ... We caught up with Dr. Drew to get his reaction moments after the interview.

Forensic expert examines Zahau case

Lyndsey Philpott, a forensic knotting expert, talks about the Rebecca Zahau case and demonstrates the binding of hands.