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Tonight: Russell Armstrong's sister, and a man who has sex with his car

Hear what Russell Armstrong's sister has to say about Taylor's interview with Dr. Drew last night.

Plus, people with unusual obsessions, including a man who is in love with is car. He calls it "Chase," buys it birthday presents, kisses, hugs and has intimate relations with it. You've got to see this to believe it! Dr. Drew tells him–and you–if anything is wrong with this type of behavior.

Tonight – Taylor Armstrong: Deep-down, I'm 'Shana'

The star of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reveals intimate, never-before-made-public details of her life in a special hour tonight. She can no longer remain silent about her traumatic childhood, the girl she used to be, and the need to re-invent herself as "Taylor". What is she running from? Will the demons haunt her forever? Did she make a terrible mistake by marrying for money, and not love?

Dr. Drew visits Taylor in her Beverly Hills home for an emotional, revealing and cathartic talk about life, love and loss.

'Housewife' Kyle Richards on reality TV

Kyle Richards talks about what happens when cameras are not rolling on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."