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Is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford really in rehab?

Is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford really in rehab?

Where in the world is Rob Ford?

Simple answer, no one really knows. The unwillingness to disclose his location, has many asking if the troubled Toronto mayor is telling the truth. However, both Ford and his brother, Doug, insist he is in rehab.

Dr. Drew talks politicians, trust

With the 2012 political season upon us, HLN’s Dr. Drew said Tuesday night that he wanted to take a different approach to politics ... by not discussing policy.

“I want to talk about who the candidates are and what you are and are not looking for in a presidential candidate,” he explained.

Tonight: The people behind the politics, plus Dr. G: medical examiner

We're live tonight as the Iowa caucuses take place! Get Dr. Drew's unique take on the candidates as people. Who are they? What makes them run? Why does anyone want to be president? Are they saying one thing and meaning another?

And, Casey Anthony trial witness Dr. G. is here. She'll tell us about her testimony for the state and why she believes Caylee's death was a homicide. Prosecutor-turned-politician, Jeff Ashton, joins the discussion. You won't see it anywhere else!

Gennifer Flowers take on Herman Cain: I'm not surprised

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain announced Saturday that he is suspending his campaign after a string of sexual harassment allegations, all of which he denied.

Did Cain make this move because he knows the accusations will continue to climb?

'Straight' politicians, gay activity

Two recent sex scandals involved "straight" politicians and gay activity. Dr. Drew and his guests discuss.

Bachmann's boldness: Double-edged sword?

Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has been a strong voice in politics the last few years.

She has spoken out on taxes, gay marriage, President Obama and crystallizing Tea Party power in Washington D.C.