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Tonight: Sandusky courthouse shocker!

Some of Jerry Sandusky's alleged victims were ready to testify in open court about what they say he did to them. But he waived his right to a preliminary hearing at the last minute. So how does this affect them? And what happens now?

Plus, a woman who was sexually assualted, shouted down in court, the man who admitted to the crime. She let him have it, face-to-face, before he was marched off to prison. See and hear Heidi Damon's incredible story. Dr. Drew tells us why her actions are a victory for attack survivors everywhere.

Tonight: Alec Baldwin, the plane truth

The "30 Rock" star's brother, Daniel Baldwin, will be here to tell us what HE knows about the incident on a jet that has everybody talking tonight.

And another alleged sports scandal is making waves: what, if anything, happened in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse years ago? Dr. Drew takes a look at why it took so long for accusers to come foward, and why they are asking for money.

Attorney: Sandusky threw a ‘Hail Mary’

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky has prompted new outrage by speaking to a New York Times reporter, insisting he never sexually abused young boys.

He also denies that he's attracted to kids.

Dr. Drew talks alleged Sandusky victim

There's more fallout in the Penn State child sex abuse scandal.

An alleged victim of former football coach Jerry Sandusky has reportedly left school due to relentless bullying.

Tonight: Convicted child molester explains pedophilia

Penn State’s child sex abuse scandal is shining a bright light on an ugly topic: Pedophilia.

We hate it. It sickens us. We don’t want to talk about it. But we must. Why? Because it’s a chance for us to look at the causes of abuse and the culture of secrecy that allows it to continue.

Penn State excluded from Right to Know Law

Penn State is under fire. The university is apparently excluded from the Right to Know Law, which means the school doesn't have to reveal their private records.

CNN's Drew Griffin reports not only did Penn State's president himself request this in 2007, he did it right around the same time Jerry Sandusky was facing some sexual abuse allegations.

Dr. Drew: 5 key questions in Penn State scandal

On Tuesday night, Dr. Drew and his guests took a look at the tough questions everyone has been asking since the Penn State child sex abuse scandal broke last week.

Question 1: Would you have intervened?

Dr. Drew: ‘Victims identify with victimizer’

Earlier this month, former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was charged with 40 counts of sexually abusing children.

On Monday night, Dr. Drew talked with Diena Thompson, whose daughter was murdered by a sex offender, and Peter Pelullo, a victim of child sexual abuse, who founded an organization that is working with a number of Sandusky's alleged victims.

Tonight: Dr. Drew’s explosive reaction to Sandusky interview

On Monday night, former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky spoke at length for the very first time since he was arrested. Tonight – Dr. Drew fiery's reaction.

“This is guilt on guilt!” he says. ‘The specifics – I don't even need to hear! I’m already completely disgusted!”

Penn State scandal: The devastating effects

Legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and the university's president have been ousted in the midst of a child sex abuse scandal rocking the school.

On Thursday night, Dr. Drew asked PSU students if they thought there was a rush to judgment.