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Tonight: Elementary school teacher accused of classroom bondage horror. Were complaints ignored?

A fourth-grade teacher in Los Angeles is in jail, charged with lewd acts. He is accused of taking photographs of his young students for sexual kicks. Among the crimes the sheriff's department says he committed against children: putting tape over mouths or blindfolds over eyes with spoonfuls of a substance near their mouths, and feeding them sperm-laced cookies. Authorities say the teacher documented it all through photos. Since his arrest this week, former students who are now adults, say their complaints about the 30-year veteran teacher were ignored.

Dr. Drew and his guests discuss the teacher's alleged behavior, school officials' response and the possible effects on children.

Who’s happier? Working or stay-at-home moms

A new study released in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests that working moms are happier overall relative to stay-at-home moms.

It wasn’t long before Dr. Drew’s guests on Thursday night’s show got into a debate about the topic.

Parents of slain drum major speak

Robert Champion and his wife reveal feelings about son's death in apparent hazing incident at FAMU.

Dr. Drew "not surprised" by Casey Anthony verdict

Dr. Drew says that while he is not surprised by the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, he does wonder what the relationship between Casey Anthony and her parents will now be like.