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Tonight: Could seizure, blackout cause mom to put baby in microwave?

We've heard unusual defenses before: The Twinkie defense, sleepwalking defense, the PMS defense and so on. Would having a seizure - and then blacking out – account for the alleged actions of a mother who's accused of killing her child in the most heinous way? Dr. Drew and his guests have some thoughts about what is– and isn't– a legitimate medical defense.

Plus, GCB!  The "G" stand for Good. The "C" stands for Christian. And the "B"? Well, you decide. It's a TV show making waves for its over-the-top portrayal of some southern, religious women. Is this offensive? Is it satire? Is it just plain entertainment? Tune in...and watch out!

Tonight! Saluting our troops with 'Grey's Anatomy' star Kevin McKidd

Paging Dr. Owen Hunt! Actor Kevin McKidd plays a doctor who experienced post-traumatic stress disorder on the hit TV show. He has taken a personal, off-screen interest in the condition, and helping those with it. He joins Dr. Drew for a frank discussion about PTSD. Now that the Iraq war is officially over, many more servicemen and women are likely to experience the condition. We'll meet a real-life wife who tells us about the toll it can take on caretakers.

And Dr. Drew and his guests will discuss the testimony in the Penn State child sex abuse case. The man who claims he saw Jerry Sandusky assaulting a boy, speaks under oath, at a prelimary hearing.

Strict parenting controversy

Dr. Drew talks to the Pisciones who have three kids and practice strict parenting methods.

And in this additional clip, Dr. Drew addresses 'unschooling', in which a child learns through experience, not classroom study. Watch here.

Tonight: Plea deal in killing of gay teen

The teenager who fatally shot a fellow student in the head has agreed to spend 21 years in prison. A plea deal avoids a second trial for Brandon McInerney. His first trial ended in a mistrial. Is this justice for the victim, Larry King? Dr. Drew and his guests have some answers.

In another school-related case, a girl was suspended for touching her teacher. The student says she was simply stretching and that any contact was incidental. The teacher says it was deliberate. Who's right? Who's wrong?

Too young for botox?

A San Francisco mother is under investigation for giving her 8 year old Botox injections.

But pageant mom Aftan Brown started her own pageant to prevent this sort of thing. She tells Dr. Drew how she feels about it.

MTV's 'Teen Moms': The real reality

MTV moms offered advice to viewers on Wednesday's "Dr. Drew" show.

MTV started following Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham and Cateylnn Lowell when they were young, naive and pregnant. They all faced different trials ... absent and unsupportive partners, death of a loved one, and the struggle of choosing adoption.

Parents picking unusual punishments

Do you have to get creative when it comes to disciplining kids? When typical punishment doesn't work, how far should you go to get your point across? Click above to meet a mom who made her son walk around literally WEARING this transgressions for all to see. Then tonight on the show you'll hear from the son... does he think this unusual punishment was successful? What is going on out there?

Dr. Drew tonight at 9 ET/PT on HLN.

Students make pro sex ed documentary

Here's the full 10 minute video produced by Boston area teens who say they want more and better sex education taught in their schools.