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Tonight: Trayvon Martin fact or fiction?

Is what you know about the the Trayvon Martin case the truth, or someone's version of  it? Surely there are things the public does not yet know about what happened that night. Yet, we all have an opinion about the case.

Dr. Drew and guests separate fact from fiction.

Tonight: Missing kid discrimination, meth & murder, Paula Deen cooks up controversy

Do the cases of missing children who are white get more attention from the media and law enforcement, than those involving children of color? Dr. Drew and his guests discuss two missing African American girls and why we haven't heard more about them in the news.

Then, meth and murder. A woman killed three members of her family and then herself after using methamphetamine. Former user Todd Bridges joins Dr. Drew to talk about what people experience on meth and why the reality of what they are doing doesn't register, until it's too late.

Tonight: Joran van der Sloot in his own words & can city recall mayor because of alcoholism?

Dr. Drew is live tonight! He and his guests will examine admitted murderer Joran van der Sloot's handwriting samples in which the killer reveals his thoughts about Natalee Holloway, gambling, and former girlfriends.

And citizens of a town in Wisconsin are trying to recall the mayor who has alcoholism. Mayor Bob Ryan and his wife Mary join Dr. Drew to discuss his public behavior and if it's grounds for losing his job. Dr. Drew  will define what "problem drinking" is and how you can help those who suffer from it.

Tonight: Admitted murderer Joran van der Sloot doomed to prison in Peru, plus "scream rooms"

The man suspected of killing Natalee Holloway was sentenced today to 28 years in prison. He admitted earlier this week that he strangled a young woman in a Lima hotel room. Why the plea? Will it lead to answers about Natalee? Is this justice? Dr. Drew and his guests answer those questions and others.

Plus, "scream rooms". Some kids in a Connecticut school are put in them when they need a time out. Parents say they didn't know about the closets in which blood and urine have been found. What's going here? Who decides how to manage your child when he/she is at school? Is all this legal? Dr. Drew will sound off on this. Guess what he thinks!

Tonight: Plea deal in killing of gay teen

The teenager who fatally shot a fellow student in the head has agreed to spend 21 years in prison. A plea deal avoids a second trial for Brandon McInerney. His first trial ended in a mistrial. Is this justice for the victim, Larry King? Dr. Drew and his guests have some answers.

In another school-related case, a girl was suspended for touching her teacher. The student says she was simply stretching and that any contact was incidental. The teacher says it was deliberate. Who's right? Who's wrong?

Murdered Yale student's mother speaks

The mother of a murdered Yale student talks to Dr. Drew about what can we learn from her that will protect our kids.