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Dr. Drew: Celebrity shockers of 2011

It`s that time of year when we look back at the last 12 months, shake our head and ask, "did that really happened?" Dr. Drew and his guests recently took some time to look at the most talked about celebrity stories of 2011.

So, let`s begin with the “winningest” moment of year … of course, referring to the antics of Charlie Sheen.

Dr. Drew: ‘Lindsay’s disease is reckless’

After reprimanding Lindsay Lohan for her failure to comply with community service, an LA County judge revoked Lohan’s probation on Wednesday morning.

Lohan was removed from the courtroom in handcuffs, but was later freed after posting $100,000 bail.

Lindsay Lohan's probation revoked; Dr. Drew's reaction tonight

LOS ANGELES (CNN) - A Los Angeles County judge revoked probation for Lindsay Lohan on Wednesday after reprimanding the actress and her attorney in court for Lohan’s failure to comply with her community service.

Lohan was removed from the courtroom in handcuffs. She later posted the $100,000 bail and could be freed by 2 p.m. Wednesday (5 p.m. ET) once the processing is completed, said her attorney, Shawn Holley.

Dr. Drew disputes judge in Lohan case

The judge in the Lindsay Lohan case doesn't believe she has a substance abuse problem. Dr. Drew strongly disagrees. Watch the clip above.

Exclusive with Lindsay Lohan prosecutor

Danette Meyers, who was the prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan case,. takes us inside the trial in an exclusive interview.

Dr. Drew tells Michael Lohan: 'Stop rescuing Lindsay'

Dr. Drew tells Michael Lohan: 'Stop rescuing Lindsay'

In an exclusive interview Monday, Dr. Drew told Michael Lohan that his daughter Lindsay needs to get away from everybody, including him (Michael).

Although Michael said that Lindsay’s sobriety is in tact, Dr. Drew quickly warns that Lindsay must change her lifestyle to avoid past addictions.

On Lindsay: 'She has an illness'

Dr. Drew recently appeared on “The Joy Behar Show” to talk about Lindsay Lohan's condition.

“The reality is, she has an illness,” Dr. Drew said. “Advanced addiction has a worse prognosis than the vast majority of cancers. It has a treatment. The treatment works.”