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The woman behind 'The Blind Side'

HLN's Dr. Drew talks to Leigh Anne Tuohy, co-founder of the Making it Happen Foundation.

Man running marathons blindfolded

E.J. Scott is making people aware of Choroideremia, a disease that causes blindness. Dr. Drew has his story.

Tonight! Saluting our troops with 'Grey's Anatomy' star Kevin McKidd

Paging Dr. Owen Hunt! Actor Kevin McKidd plays a doctor who experienced post-traumatic stress disorder on the hit TV show. He has taken a personal, off-screen interest in the condition, and helping those with it. He joins Dr. Drew for a frank discussion about PTSD. Now that the Iraq war is officially over, many more servicemen and women are likely to experience the condition. We'll meet a real-life wife who tells us about the toll it can take on caretakers.

And Dr. Drew and his guests will discuss the testimony in the Penn State child sex abuse case. The man who claims he saw Jerry Sandusky assaulting a boy, speaks under oath, at a prelimary hearing.

She is Lizzie Beautiful

Lizzie Velásquez weighs 63 pounds, has a healthy appetite, but can't gain weight.

When she was much younger, she had no idea she was different because her parents didn't treat her any differently, she told Dr. Drew.