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Jeff Conaway dies

Watch as Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood discuss the life and death of Jeff Conaway.

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We're looking for guests for Dr. Drew's new show on HLN! Take a look at the topic(s) below and if any of them apply to you, we'd love to hear your story. You could be featured on a future show!

Extreme behaviors series with Dr. Drew will have compelling stories of people who are battling obsessive behaviors on the verge of taking over their lives. Dr. Drew will talk to these addicts as they reveal their strange behaviors and discuss why they do what they do. Tell us your story ...

Monday: Talking Charlie Sheen, Sammy Hagar interview, bullied teen exclusive

Tonight is the premiere of Dr. Drew’s new HLN show!

Join us as we’ll be talking about Charlie Sheen after the opening of his tour this weekend, where many audience members booed and heckled him. On our panel will be "Loveline's" Psycho Mike, adult film star Kacey Jordan, RadarOnline.com's Dylan Howard and Showbiz Tonight's Kareen Wynter.

Monday: Talking Charlie Sheen, Sammy Hagar interview, bullied teen exclusive

'Psycho Mike' enjoys working with Dr. Drew on 'Loveline'

Former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Michael Catherwood, aka Psycho Mike, analyzes the life of his “Loveline” co-host Dr. Drew in this entertaining video clip.

When asked what it’s like working with Drew, Mike had a lot to say.

Dr. Drew sings opera

Did you know that Dr. Drew is a trained opera singer? That’s right, not an opera fan, but an opera singer!

He’s a baritone and took voice lessons for many years. Drew said, at times, he would drift away from his science training in college and truly thought he was going to be an opera singer.

Adam Carolla talks working with Dr. Drew

In this exclusive HLN interview, Adam Corolla discusses the camaraderie he had with Dr. Drew while working on “Loveline.”

Carolla said that Drew had a genuine commitment to the program.

Dr. Drew loves Twitter, Facebook

Dr. Drew’s family comments on Dr. Drew’s heavy use of the internet during his HLN special that airs on Sunday.

“I think he uses the internet, like Facebook and stuff, more than the three of us combined,” his daughter Paulina said.

Dr. Drew answers critics on diagnosing people on TV

Dr. Drew had been criticized recently for diagnosing people he has watched on TV.

In tonight's show, he'll address that very issue.

Dr. Drew talks envy, 'Celebrity Rehab'

“Envy is the most destructive of human emotions,” Dr. Drew says during his upcoming HLN special. “We are enjoying and getting gratified by looking at someone else's demise. That is not so pretty.”

“Isn't that what ‘Celebrity Rehab’ is?” Robin Meade asks.