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Can you pray the gay away? Viewers React

After receiving an overwhelming amount of feedback from Friday’s show, we will again be discussing whether a gay/lesbian person can transform themselves through prayer ... and more importantly, we'll be hearing from you, the viewer, through comments, questions and calls.

Join Dr. Drew tonight for this special follow-up program at 9 p.m. on HLN.

Follow-up: Can prayer be used to turn a gay person straight?

We asked last week and then again today on our follow-up show: Can a person pray the gay away?

Dr. Drew’s panel of guests attempted to answer that question to provide more insight on this hot debate.

Can you pray the gay away?

Dr. Drew addressed a polarizing topic on Friday's show – a question pondered by many: Can a homosexual person transform themselves through prayer?

Alan Chambers thinks so, and joined Drew to explain his position. He’s president of a group that seeks to lead gays and lesbians into heterosexual lifestyles.