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Deciphering alcoholism and binge drinking abuse

Deciphering alcoholism and binge drinking abuse

A shocking new documentary called "FADED: Girls & Binge Drinking" exposes the world of binge drinking by taking viewers into the lives of four young women devastated by it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says binge drinking, as far as females are concerned, is consuming more than four drinks per session.

Paying attention to mental illness

Paying attention to mental illness

Dr. Mehmet Oz joins HLN's Dr. Drew to discuss the physiology of the brain. What happens when there is real mental illness and why is it so hard to understand someone's thinking when they methodically plan and carry out a horrible act?

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Mental health care: System broken?

Mental health care: System broken?

Is there a social sickness that keeps getting worse? Thirteen years after Columbine, blood still flows in our schools, our malls, even our movie theaters, and the body count keeps going up.

Our cultural fabric is torn, shot through with corrosive fibers of mental illness, social neglect, and callous indifference.

Tonight: Is Newt Gingrich's private life any of our business?

The Republican running for president was asked some particulars about a previous marriage last night. He responded by ripping into the media, drawing cheers from the partisan crowd. He admits to cheating on his spouse.  His ex-wife says he wanted an "open" relationship. What's fair game when it comes to a politician's private life? Dr. Drew and his guests have something to say about that.

Plus, a dozen teen girls have developed a condition that baffles experts. They suffer from unexplained physical tics and verbal outbursts. We'll meet one of them and hear about her experience first-hand.

She is Lizzie Beautiful

Lizzie Velásquez weighs 63 pounds, has a healthy appetite, but can't gain weight.

When she was much younger, she had no idea she was different because her parents didn't treat her any differently, she told Dr. Drew.