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Tonight: Admitted killer says "angels" made him do it

Hemy Neuman is on trial for murdering a man in front of  the preschool attended by the victim's small son. His lawyers say he was insane at the time, suffering from psychosis and bipolar disorder. One of the angels, he claims, looked like singer Olivia Newton John. Dr. Drew and his guests debate the legitimacy of mental illness as a defense for murder.

Plus, have the conditions of the ticking and twitching girls in LeRoy, NY improved? Dr. Drew will visit with some of them and see what progress, if any, they've made.

Tonight: Missing kid discrimination, meth & murder, Paula Deen cooks up controversy

Do the cases of missing children who are white get more attention from the media and law enforcement, than those involving children of color? Dr. Drew and his guests discuss two missing African American girls and why we haven't heard more about them in the news.

Then, meth and murder. A woman killed three members of her family and then herself after using methamphetamine. Former user Todd Bridges joins Dr. Drew to talk about what people experience on meth and why the reality of what they are doing doesn't register, until it's too late.

Holiday weight gain? Meet 'Biggest Loser'

We all, of course, try to stay away from holiday weight gain ... but many times, we end up losing this very difficult battle.

But who better to give us a few pointers about the issue then Dolvett Quince, a trainer on NBC’s "The Biggest Loser" and "The Biggest Loser" himself, John Rhode, who lost 220-pounds in 13-weeks.