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Alleged drug dealer's selfie leads to arrest

Alleged drug dealer's selfie leads to arrest

Taylor Harrison went from bragging about being an alleged drug dealer on Facebook to being behind bars on charges of selling narcotics.

The 21-year-old posted a selfie with stacks of drugs and cash, as well as a photo of a Martin County Sheriff’s Office vehicle on his Facebook page. The incriminating photos were then seen by MCSO deputies.

4th graders busted for buying and selling weed

4th graders busted for buying and selling weed

Fourth graders in Colorado were caught buying and selling marijuana at school. One student sold the drugs to three others for a total of $11. The student allegedly took the pot from his grandparents. In Colorado, marijuana has been legal for recreational use since January 1 for individuals over 21-years-old.

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Dr. Drew follows up on Whitney Houston & Trayvon Martin cases

We now know how Whitney Houston died, but the investigation is not closed. Why not? What, if anything, are police considering as they continue their work on the case? Dr. Drew and his guests have something to say about that.

And outrage grows over the shooting of Trayvon Martin. The neighborhood guard who shot him did not violate the law according to police. Rallies are planned for the weekend.  Could public pressure force an arrest?

Tonight: Pills that kill! Dr. Drew wants to hear from you

Prescription pill abuse is the number one cause of accidental or premature death in the United States. More people die from it than traffic accidents. Dr. Drew will devote a significant part of the show to the topic. And he wants to hear from you. He will be taking your calls and questions about this scourge that is killing our friends and loved ones. If you care about what's happening to those all around us and want to know what can be done to stop it, you must watch this show.

Rep. Mary Bono Mack is Dr. Drew's special guest.

Tonight: Remains found of missing mom who lived double life

Colorado mother of three, Paige Birgfeld, vanished five  years ago.  A hiker just found what was left of her body. Did her work as an escort lead to her death? Police are calling it a murder, but until they know how she died, there are more questions than answers in this sensational case.

Plus, how far is too far when disciplining children? A teen was forced to kneel for hours on end and drink "meat shakes" as punishment. Is this cruel? Appropriate? Productive? Harmful? Or something else?

Hollywood's drug addiction problem

Why do so many celebrities seem to have addictions? Comedian and actor Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew and RadarOnline's Dylan Howard weigh in.

Tuesday's line-up: Schwarzenegger/Shriver split, dangerous bath salts

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver confirm they are separated.

Dr. Drew will talk about how turning points in both of their lives may have contributed to the marital stress. Plus, Drew will ask what this means for their children and their future as a couple. He will talk through various events in their past that could be clues into their separation and Dr. Drew will bring it home to many viewers who are going through parallel issues in their own marriages.

'Deadliest Catch' crew talks life's struggles

They have the most dangerous jobs in the world, but it's addiction that threatened their lives.

Two "Deadliest Catch" crew members, Jake Harris and Jake Anderson, joined Dr. Drew on Tuesday’s show to talk all about their personal struggles.