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Tonight: Bill Maher on Trayvon Martin case and more

Bill Maher weighs in on the case that's outraged many in America.  And Dr. Drew will ask him about health care and the Supreme Court, Dick Cheney's heart transplant, and why he thinks we all need to stop apologizing!

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Dr. Drew follows up on Whitney Houston & Trayvon Martin cases

We now know how Whitney Houston died, but the investigation is not closed. Why not? What, if anything, are police considering as they continue their work on the case? Dr. Drew and his guests have something to say about that.

And outrage grows over the shooting of Trayvon Martin. The neighborhood guard who shot him did not violate the law according to police. Rallies are planned for the weekend.  Could public pressure force an arrest?

Tonight: Racism? Fear? Power trip? What motivated Trayvon Martin killing?

An unarmed teen in Florida is shot dead by a neighborhood watch volunteer. As outrage grows, we're learning more about George Zimmerman, the man at the center of the storm. Some are calling for his arrest, but police say he has not violated the law.  Dr. Drew and his guests will discuss the attitudes, biases, and even prejudices that may-or may not-play into the case.

Plus, "The Situation" is in rehab. Is the show in which he stars, "Jersey Shore," an enabler? Are cast members encouraged to drink in order to provoke more interesting plot lines?

Tonight: Could seizure, blackout cause mom to put baby in microwave?

We've heard unusual defenses before: The Twinkie defense, sleepwalking defense, the PMS defense and so on. Would having a seizure - and then blacking out – account for the alleged actions of a mother who's accused of killing her child in the most heinous way? Dr. Drew and his guests have some thoughts about what is– and isn't– a legitimate medical defense.

Plus, GCB!  The "G" stand for Good. The "C" stands for Christian. And the "B"? Well, you decide. It's a TV show making waves for its over-the-top portrayal of some southern, religious women. Is this offensive? Is it satire? Is it just plain entertainment? Tune in...and watch out!

Tonight: Are doctors responsible when patients overdose?

A California physician has been charged with murder in the overdose deaths of three of her patients. Is she to blame? Did "Dr. Feelgood" overprescribe Xanax and other medications? Dr. Drew and his guests debate the professional, moral, and legal considerations in the doctor-patient relationship.

Plus, parents who say they gave their three-year-old son pot to save his life!

Tonight: Monster storms aftermath, Rutgers roommate trial

Tonight: Monster storms aftermath, Rutgers roommate trial

At least a dozen people are dead, and entire communities destroyed, as storms cut a swath through America's Midwest.  Many rushed to help.  Dr. Drew and his guests address this heroic response, and what makes people run toward danger, and not away from it.

Tonight: Admitted killer says "angels" made him do it

Hemy Neuman is on trial for murdering a man in front of  the preschool attended by the victim's small son. His lawyers say he was insane at the time, suffering from psychosis and bipolar disorder. One of the angels, he claims, looked like singer Olivia Newton John. Dr. Drew and his guests debate the legitimacy of mental illness as a defense for murder.

Plus, have the conditions of the ticking and twitching girls in LeRoy, NY improved? Dr. Drew will visit with some of them and see what progress, if any, they've made.

Bank robber's ex-wife tells all

A Wall Street broker on hard times turns to crime and ruins life for himself, his wife, and their two kids.

Joran van der Sloot's jailhouse letters

Joran van der Sloot writes about his dating history and mentions Natalee Holloway in a letter from jail.

Woman gives voice to victims

Heidi Damon, the woman who faced her attacker in a Florida courtroom, talks to Dr. Drew about her experience.