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Should George Zimmerman have been arrested?

Should police have arrested George Zimmerman after he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin?

HLN's Dr. Drew and his guests discuss the controversial issue.

Tonight: Bill Maher on Trayvon Martin case and more

Bill Maher weighs in on the case that's outraged many in America.  And Dr. Drew will ask him about health care and the Supreme Court, Dick Cheney's heart transplant, and why he thinks we all need to stop apologizing!

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Tonight: Racism? Fear? Power trip? What motivated Trayvon Martin killing?

An unarmed teen in Florida is shot dead by a neighborhood watch volunteer. As outrage grows, we're learning more about George Zimmerman, the man at the center of the storm. Some are calling for his arrest, but police say he has not violated the law.  Dr. Drew and his guests will discuss the attitudes, biases, and even prejudices that may-or may not-play into the case.

Plus, "The Situation" is in rehab. Is the show in which he stars, "Jersey Shore," an enabler? Are cast members encouraged to drink in order to provoke more interesting plot lines?

Tonight: Dr. Drew on Whitney, Rush, Rihanna, Kony 2012 & more!

It's the end of another week! Dr. Drew and his guests try to to make of sense of some headline-making stories. Why do people do what they do? Get the good doctor's take on the motivation and thought-process that compels people to act .

And he is taking your comments and calls about anything! Got a problem with drugs? Kids driving you crazy? Husband cheating on you? What about your sex life? It's Friday! No topic is taboo!

Tonight: Could seizure, blackout cause mom to put baby in microwave?

We've heard unusual defenses before: The Twinkie defense, sleepwalking defense, the PMS defense and so on. Would having a seizure - and then blacking out – account for the alleged actions of a mother who's accused of killing her child in the most heinous way? Dr. Drew and his guests have some thoughts about what is– and isn't– a legitimate medical defense.

Plus, GCB!  The "G" stand for Good. The "C" stands for Christian. And the "B"? Well, you decide. It's a TV show making waves for its over-the-top portrayal of some southern, religious women. Is this offensive? Is it satire? Is it just plain entertainment? Tune in...and watch out!

Radio hosts suspended for Whitney Houston comments

Two L.A. radio hosts are suspended for inappropriate comments about Whitney Houston. Dr. Drew, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart and Los Angeles-based civil rights activist and founder/CEO of Project Islamic H.O.P.E. Najee Ali discuss.

Russell Armstrong's sister speaks out

Why does Laurie Kelsoe, Russell Armstrong's sister, believe that her brother's death was not the result of a suicide?

Dr. Drew asks the tough questions. Watch the video clip above.

Tonight: Russell Armstrong's sister, and a man who has sex with his car

Hear what Russell Armstrong's sister has to say about Taylor's interview with Dr. Drew last night.

Plus, people with unusual obsessions, including a man who is in love with is car. He calls it "Chase," buys it birthday presents, kisses, hugs and has intimate relations with it. You've got to see this to believe it! Dr. Drew tells him–and you–if anything is wrong with this type of behavior.

Sex scandal: Culture of silence at LA school?

Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District return to their school in South LA Thursday to a completely new staff.

Administrators say they do not want any more "surprises" after a sex scandal rocked Miramonte Elementary School this week.

Tonight: Love letters to an 11-year-old student?

The sex scandal grows at a Los Angeles-area elementary school. A parent has come forth with a letter, allegedly from a teacher’s aide at the school in 2009. It was addressed to her child who was a third-grader at the time. The mother says she brought it to the attention of school and law enforcement, but that her concerns were dismissed. Dr. Drew and his guests discuss the impact of the news on school children, and the fact that all of the teachers at the school have been reassigned elsewhere. How do we discuss a sensitive and possibly damaging subject with children?

Plus, how can a parent kill the children he publicly claimed to love? That’s what happened in the Josh Powell case. Dr. Drew tells how to read signs of desperation.