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Dr. Drew: Celebrity shockers of 2011

It`s that time of year when we look back at the last 12 months, shake our head and ask, "did that really happened?" Dr. Drew and his guests recently took some time to look at the most talked about celebrity stories of 2011.

So, let`s begin with the “winningest” moment of year … of course, referring to the antics of Charlie Sheen.

Capri Anderson, family deeply affected by night with Charlie Sheen

Dr. Drew talked to former adult film star Capri Anderson Tuesday about how Charlie Sheen has affected her and her family’s life.

She is the woman who was found in Charlie Sheen's New York City hotel bedroom when police were called to the scene last November.

Is Charlie Sheen 'winning' on tour?

Charlie Sheen’s “Torpedo of Truth” tour kicked off this past weekend, and Dr. Drew's panel discussed some of the ugly results.

“People turned on him so viciously [in Detroit], I’m surprised it didn’t turn into some kind of riot,” Dr. Drew said.

Adult film star’s scariest Charlie Sheen moment

Kasey Jordan, an adult film star, says the scariest moment she’s had with Charlie Sheen was when she saw him using an excessive amount of drugs at a party earlier this year.

Kasey was one of the five women invited to Sheen’s Beverly Hills home in January where she says she witnessed a night of heavy drinking, cocaine use and adult film watching by Sheen.

Dr. Drew talks Charlie Sheen's behavior

Addiction specialist and HLN host Dr. Drew Pinsky says that Charlie Sheen's condition is not a joke.

Listen as Dr. Drew watches recent online video that has emerged and comments on Sheen's changing behavior.