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Tonight: Whitney Houston's former sister-in-law, what she knows

Monique Houston was once married to Whitney's brother, Gary.  She tells Dr. Drew what she knows about intervention efforts in the 1990s. It's her first interview since the singer's death.

And Dr. Drew is answering your questions about red meat. It's making news today. Should you eat it?

Tonight: Anderson Cooper & Dr. Drew, the most famous gray-haired hosts on TV!

The CNN anchor and Dr. Drew get serious about stories in the news, and share a few laughs over their favorite TV shows, Kathy Griffin, and going gray.

Plus, a student at Los Angeles's Miramonte Elementary School and his father discuss the child-teacher sex scandal there.

Tonight: Angelina Jolie's arms (and leg) alarm Oscar viewers

The Twitter universe is  exploding with comments about the actress's ultra thin arms (and that now famous leg pose). What does her appearance reveal about her health? Is she okay? Is it any of our business?
Dr. Drew and his guests address America's obsession with celebrities, weight, and how they set the standard for what is considered attractive.  Is it realistic for mere mortals to look this way?  

Plus, a Kennedy has been charged with a crime for trying to take his newborn out of a maternity unit, when he was advised against it.

Oscar De La Hoya: A blackout drinker

Longtime friends of Whitney Houston speak out

Longtime friends of Whitney Houston, Marvet Britto and Cherelle Norton, talk about their fond memories of Whitney Houston with Dr. Drew.

Woman denies 'fight' with Whitney

Stacy Francis, the woman who was in an alleged altercation with Whitney Houston days before she died, speaks out.

'X Factor' contestant talks 'misunderstanding' with Whitney

Stacy Francis tells HLN's Dr. Drew that there was no 'fight' between her and Whitney just days before Whitney died.

Pill popping: RX for death

On Tuesday night, HLN’s Dr. Drew and his guests discussed a huge problem that’s afflicting our nation - a problem that may have taken the life of Whitney Houston - the prescription pill epidemic.

“I get frustrated when I hear people say she`s a former addict,” HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell told Dr. Drew. “'Oh, she was off hard drugs. She was only drinking. She was OK.’ It`s just the wrong information. You can`t be a former addict.”

Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace on Whitney Houston

HLN's Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace discuss revealing information about Whitney House in her final hours.

Should record companies start mandatory drug testing?

There have been so many artists in the music industry plagued by problems with drugs and alcohol over the years.

Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson – the list goes on and on … and now, everyone’s talking about the death of Whitney Houston. Although the official toxicology reports have yet to be released, it’s no secret that the pop icon had a tough battle with her addictions as well.