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Casey Anthony's new dog: Is Yorkie unluckiest pooch in the world?

Casey just showed off her sweet little dog online. Dr. Drew and his guests wonder if she should be allowed to have a dog, and what kind of owner she'll be.

Tonight! Casey Anthony's revealing private statements made public

"No feeling of guilt, not hopeless," is how one psychiatrist described Casey Anthony as she sat behind bars awaiting trial. Depositions from mental health experts who interviewed her have just been unsealed. See what Casey, herself, said about allegations of sexual abuse that she claims took place at the hands of her father and brother. Dr. Drew and his guests discuss the revealing statements.

Plus, the tragic case of a little boy with a treatable form of cancer, who died.  Did his financially-strapped parents get the run-around from a system that failed to help? Mother and father were charged with attempted involuntary manslaughter! They pleaded guilty, and could be sentenced to up to eight years in prison.

Dr. Drew talks new Casey video 'diary'

A new video has surfaced online of Casey Anthony. HLN's Dr. Drew and his guests take a closer look.

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Tonight! She's back, she's blonde, she's Casey Anthony!

Casey Anthony has popped up in a YouTube video spilling her guts publicly for the first time since she was acquitted in the murder of her daughter, Caylee. What does she say about the little girl? Nothing! Her attorney confirms it's Casey, and says the video was not for all of us to see. So who is it for? Dr. Drew has a theory or two about Casey's motivations.

Plus, a man police call a serial arsonist terrorized Los Angeles during the holidays. He may have autism. Could the condition be used as a legitimate defense? Dr. Drew and his guests look into the suspect, his alleged mental state, and other issues surrounding the bizarre case.

Dr. G reveals secrets of Caylee Anthony's autopsy

On Tuesday night, Dr. Drew talked to the medical examiner who rocked the Casey Anthony trial with her revealing testimony about Caylee Anthony.

“Dr. G., is it your opinion that Casey got away with murder?” Dr. Drew asked Dr. Jan Garavaglia at the opening of the interview.

Tonight: The people behind the politics, plus Dr. G: medical examiner

We're live tonight as the Iowa caucuses take place! Get Dr. Drew's unique take on the candidates as people. Who are they? What makes them run? Why does anyone want to be president? Are they saying one thing and meaning another?

And, Casey Anthony trial witness Dr. G. is here. She'll tell us about her testimony for the state and why she believes Caylee's death was a homicide. Prosecutor-turned-politician, Jeff Ashton, joins the discussion. You won't see it anywhere else!

Women who dominated 2011 media coverage

Casey Anthony, Robyn Gardner and Amanda Knox dominated the 2011 media coverage. Was this the year of the femme fatale? Dr. Drew and his guests discuss their stories.

Cindy: George did not molest Casey

Cindy Anthony seems adamant that George didn't molest Casey. Is she just standing by her man? Dr. Drew discusses with his guests.

How did the Anthonys fall for lies?

Casey Anthony's parents say they believed all of her lies. Dr. Drew and guests weigh in.