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Tonight: 'Glee's' Max Adler talks bullies, Andy Dick talks addiction, treatment

A TV bully takes on the real-life version. Max Adler joins Dr. Drew for a frank discussion about bullying, and why the issue must be addressed in schools.

Plus, admitted addict, Andy Dick, has been in and out of rehab a dozen times. Why do some people successfully complete treatment and others don't? Andy and Dr. Drew talk about the complex, difficult, and lifelong process of recovery.

Tonight: Elementary school teacher accused of classroom bondage horror. Were complaints ignored?

A fourth-grade teacher in Los Angeles is in jail, charged with lewd acts. He is accused of taking photographs of his young students for sexual kicks. Among the crimes the sheriff's department says he committed against children: putting tape over mouths or blindfolds over eyes with spoonfuls of a substance near their mouths, and feeding them sperm-laced cookies. Authorities say the teacher documented it all through photos. Since his arrest this week, former students who are now adults, say their complaints about the 30-year veteran teacher were ignored.

Dr. Drew and his guests discuss the teacher's alleged behavior, school officials' response and the possible effects on children.

Doctors explain why teens bully, offer advice

A 4-month-old YouTube video has led to an outpouring of sympathy from many people, including celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Ricky Martin.

The video is a sad and heartfelt cry for help posted by a 14-year-old boy named Jonah Mowry. He says bullying led to despair, self-mutilation and thoughts of suicide.

Jenny McCarthy: I was bullied

Jenny McCarthy tells HLN's Dr. Drew about her experience being bullied in high school.

Parents of boy bullied to death speak

It may be the crime of the 21st century: Bullying.

Children are being humiliated and harassed into desperate decisions. Their abusers are dehumanizing victims, as if they don’t exist.

Dr. Drew's special on bullying tonight

Dr. Drew will provide special coverage on the rise of bullying in the nation's schools on Monday.

The show will go inside a New Jersey school that has implemented strict anti-bullying laws, and he will talk to students and administrators to find out what they are doing to control bullying.

Did incessant bullying lead to sleepover suicide?

It was a stunning tragedy last weekend when two teen girls carried out a suicide pact at a sleepover.

Did constant bullying drive them to take their own lives?

Anti-bullying video goes viral

Did Alye's video hit you hard too? Dr. Drew calls it "powerful," "beautiful" & "poetic." If Alye has inspired you to take action... if you want to join her in becoming part of the solution... here are some resources to check out:

- Cartoon Network: Stop Bullying Speak Up

Teen talks harmful effects of bullying

Alye Pollack explains to HLN's Dr. Drew Pinsky why she thinks bullies act the way they do.