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Tonight: Whitney Houston's former sister-in-law, what she knows

Monique Houston was once married to Whitney's brother, Gary.  She tells Dr. Drew what she knows about intervention efforts in the 1990s. It's her first interview since the singer's death.

And Dr. Drew is answering your questions about red meat. It's making news today. Should you eat it?

Behind-the-scenes: Dr. Drew addresses viewer concerns on teen mystery illness

In this behind-the scenes video, Dr. Drew addresses viewer concerns and talks about what will come next in the teen medical mystery.

Tonight: The people behind the politics, plus Dr. G: medical examiner

We're live tonight as the Iowa caucuses take place! Get Dr. Drew's unique take on the candidates as people. Who are they? What makes them run? Why does anyone want to be president? Are they saying one thing and meaning another?

And, Casey Anthony trial witness Dr. G. is here. She'll tell us about her testimony for the state and why she believes Caylee's death was a homicide. Prosecutor-turned-politician, Jeff Ashton, joins the discussion. You won't see it anywhere else!

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night before his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dr. Drew took us backstage to his dressing room beneath the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.