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Tonight: Trayvon Martin fact or fiction?

Is what you know about the the Trayvon Martin case the truth, or someone's version of  it? Surely there are things the public does not yet know about what happened that night. Yet, we all have an opinion about the case.

Dr. Drew and guests separate fact from fiction.

Tonight: Mid-life crisis, are you in one? Dr. Drew's got news for you!

Is a mid-life crisis an excuse for men to behave badly? Dr. Drew and his guests have something to say about that! Could biology be to blame? Is it a matter of discipline? What, if anything, can you do about it? If you, or someone you love, is in the throes of a mid-life mess Dr. Drew wants to hear from you!

And we'll talk about paranoia and the role it may have played in the fatal shooting of an unarmed Florida boy by a volunteer security guard.

Tonight: Was bikini model mastermind of international drug ring?

This one's right up Dr. Drew's alley and so is this one:  KONY 2012 founder is hospitalized after bizarre behavior. Why do people do what they do? Can overall stress and the pressures of life cause someone to 'snap'? It's a question you may have asked yourself!

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Tonight: Whitney Houston's former sister-in-law, what she knows

Monique Houston was once married to Whitney's brother, Gary.  She tells Dr. Drew what she knows about intervention efforts in the 1990s. It's her first interview since the singer's death.

And Dr. Drew is answering your questions about red meat. It's making news today. Should you eat it?

Tonight: Remains found of missing mom who lived double life

Colorado mother of three, Paige Birgfeld, vanished five  years ago.  A hiker just found what was left of her body. Did her work as an escort lead to her death? Police are calling it a murder, but until they know how she died, there are more questions than answers in this sensational case.

Plus, how far is too far when disciplining children? A teen was forced to kneel for hours on end and drink "meat shakes" as punishment. Is this cruel? Appropriate? Productive? Harmful? Or something else?

Tonight: Dr. Drew on Whitney, Rush, Rihanna, Kony 2012 & more!

It's the end of another week! Dr. Drew and his guests try to to make of sense of some headline-making stories. Why do people do what they do? Get the good doctor's take on the motivation and thought-process that compels people to act .

And he is taking your comments and calls about anything! Got a problem with drugs? Kids driving you crazy? Husband cheating on you? What about your sex life? It's Friday! No topic is taboo!

Tonight: Could seizure, blackout cause mom to put baby in microwave?

We've heard unusual defenses before: The Twinkie defense, sleepwalking defense, the PMS defense and so on. Would having a seizure - and then blacking out – account for the alleged actions of a mother who's accused of killing her child in the most heinous way? Dr. Drew and his guests have some thoughts about what is– and isn't– a legitimate medical defense.

Plus, GCB!  The "G" stand for Good. The "C" stands for Christian. And the "B"? Well, you decide. It's a TV show making waves for its over-the-top portrayal of some southern, religious women. Is this offensive? Is it satire? Is it just plain entertainment? Tune in...and watch out!

Tonight: Are doctors responsible when patients overdose?

A California physician has been charged with murder in the overdose deaths of three of her patients. Is she to blame? Did "Dr. Feelgood" overprescribe Xanax and other medications? Dr. Drew and his guests debate the professional, moral, and legal considerations in the doctor-patient relationship.

Plus, parents who say they gave their three-year-old son pot to save his life!

Tonight: Admitted killer says "angels" made him do it

Hemy Neuman is on trial for murdering a man in front of  the preschool attended by the victim's small son. His lawyers say he was insane at the time, suffering from psychosis and bipolar disorder. One of the angels, he claims, looked like singer Olivia Newton John. Dr. Drew and his guests debate the legitimacy of mental illness as a defense for murder.

Plus, have the conditions of the ticking and twitching girls in LeRoy, NY improved? Dr. Drew will visit with some of them and see what progress, if any, they've made.

Tonight: 'Glee's' Max Adler talks bullies, Andy Dick talks addiction, treatment

A TV bully takes on the real-life version. Max Adler joins Dr. Drew for a frank discussion about bullying, and why the issue must be addressed in schools.

Plus, admitted addict, Andy Dick, has been in and out of rehab a dozen times. Why do some people successfully complete treatment and others don't? Andy and Dr. Drew talk about the complex, difficult, and lifelong process of recovery.