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Tonight: Oscar De La Hoya, a champion in life

Boxing's 'Golden Boy' lived a life that wasn't what it appeared to be. Yes, he was an Olympic champion, held ten world titles and made many millions. But he abused alcohol and cocaine while training, and even considered suicide. Now he comes clean to Dr. Drew, revealing the secrets that almost destroyed him. It's a  poignant and genuine look at man who is, above all,  human. He is happy that he confronted his demons and that his troubles are behind him.

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Tonight: Boxing's 'Golden Boy', Oscar De La Hoya, and the 'monster' that almost destroyed him

He won ten world titles and defeated tough guys at every turn. But his biggest opponent was alcoholism. A blackout drinker for most of his life, Oscar De La Hoya confronted what he calls the 'monster' last year. He has been sober ever since.

Dr. Drew talks to the champ about why he wanted to tell the truth, how he wants to inspire others, and what's most important in life, now that drinking is not a priority. Hear his message for millions who are struggling with addiction now, and get his take on Whitney's Houston death.

Parents of slain drum major speak

Robert Champion and his wife reveal feelings about son's death in apparent hazing incident at FAMU.

Tonight: Penn State case motivates abuse victim to come forward

A woman who was sexually abused as a girl by her tennis coach comes forward to tell her story. Sadly, it may ring true for any number of children who are manipulated by people in power.

And we've heard about kids bullied by kids. But TEACHERS bullying students? A special-needs pupil recorded the shocking verbal abuse she was subjected to by those who were supposed to know better. Dr. Drew's message? We need to change the way we view victims and their abusers, and demand a stop to such behavior now.

Can you have a serious relationship with a pro-athlete?

Dr. Drew talks with Rosa Blasi, the author of the new book “Jock Itch.” She details how she is now “athlete sober” after years of serial dating professional athletes, over and over again.

Dr. Drew unveils why women are jock-a-holics and want to date athletes because of the money and prestige, even though time and time again they cheat.