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Child stardom is not always pretty

Dr. Drew sat down with actress Melissa Gilbert Tuesday to talk about stage moms and the boundaries that mothers should have with their daughters.

“I see these girls with the make-up, lipstick and blue eyeshadow … in the pageant world, they’re over-sexualizing little children," Gilbert said.

Adult film star’s scariest Charlie Sheen moment

Kasey Jordan, an adult film star, says the scariest moment she’s had with Charlie Sheen was when she saw him using an excessive amount of drugs at a party earlier this year.

Kasey was one of the five women invited to Sheen’s Beverly Hills home in January where she says she witnessed a night of heavy drinking, cocaine use and adult film watching by Sheen.

Sammy Hagar talks alcoholism, Eddie Van Halen

“I went to rehab and never drank again,” rocker Sammy Hagar told Dr. Drew in an interview Monday.

“Eddie didn’t do that and Eddie keeps falling down and would be in denial … and the ’04 reunion was horrible … he was in really bad shape. It broke my heart.”