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Tonight: Oscar De La Hoya, a champion in life

Boxing's 'Golden Boy' lived a life that wasn't what it appeared to be. Yes, he was an Olympic champion, held ten world titles and made many millions. But he abused alcohol and cocaine while training, and even considered suicide. Now he comes clean to Dr. Drew, revealing the secrets that almost destroyed him. It's a  poignant and genuine look at man who is, above all,  human. He is happy that he confronted his demons and that his troubles are behind him.

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Whitney Houston drowned, drugs were in her system

The Los Angeles County Coroner's office says Houston's death was accidental. She drowned. But cocaine, Xanax and other drugs were found in her system. Dr. Drew breaks it all down for you in language you can understand. What does the presence of drugs mean? What was the state of Houston's overall health? What about foul play? Was her death preventable? Get the answers to these and other questions from Dr. Drew and his guests.

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Tonight: Tom Arnold's Rx pill addiction revealed

Comedian Tom Arnold speaks with Dr. Drew about  something he kept secret from everyone, including his wife; an addiction to prescription pain medication. Arnold is one of millions who were/are dependent on such drugs. He'll talk about the effect they had on his life, his work and his relationships, and how he kicked the habit.

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Tonight: Boxing's 'Golden Boy', Oscar De La Hoya, and the 'monster' that almost destroyed him

He won ten world titles and defeated tough guys at every turn. But his biggest opponent was alcoholism. A blackout drinker for most of his life, Oscar De La Hoya confronted what he calls the 'monster' last year. He has been sober ever since.

Dr. Drew talks to the champ about why he wanted to tell the truth, how he wants to inspire others, and what's most important in life, now that drinking is not a priority. Hear his message for millions who are struggling with addiction now, and get his take on Whitney's Houston death.

Tonight: Those who knew her best reveal the real Whitney

Whitney Houston was a daughter, a mother and a sister. What was she like in these roles? Those close to the pop star tell us about the woman far from the spotlight that they knew and loved.

Plus, the controversy over remarks two radio DJs made about the singer. Cruel? Justified? Free speech? Hate? Or something else? Dr. Drew and his guests have a lot to say about it.

Tonight: Pills that can kill ... Do we need new laws?

The cause of Whitney Houston's death is not yet known. But her passing  focused attention on addiction, specifically the abuse of prescription drugs.  Rep. Mary Bono Mack has introduced legislation to control the distribution of certain medication.  And she has a personal stake in the debate;  her own son struggled with addiction. She is  Dr. Drew's guest tonight.

Plus, an update on the student/teacher sex scandal at a Los Angeles-area elementary school.

Tonight: Who failed Whitney Houston? Why her story relates to you!

Whitney Houston's history of addiction was well-known. Did anyone try to help? Do you know what to do for a friend or family member who is abusing drugs? Is there a right and wrong way to intervene?

Dr. Drew answers these questions and many more tonight. He is an addiction expert who treats substance abusers. He’ll help us all understand what is, perhaps, one of the most complex and misunderstood illnesses today. Even some physicians don’t comprehend the myriad dangers of prescription drugs and their effects on addicts.

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Tonight: Joran van der Sloot in his own words & can city recall mayor because of alcoholism?

Dr. Drew is live tonight! He and his guests will examine admitted murderer Joran van der Sloot's handwriting samples in which the killer reveals his thoughts about Natalee Holloway, gambling, and former girlfriends.

And citizens of a town in Wisconsin are trying to recall the mayor who has alcoholism. Mayor Bob Ryan and his wife Mary join Dr. Drew to discuss his public behavior and if it's grounds for losing his job. Dr. Drew  will define what "problem drinking" is and how you can help those who suffer from it.

Holiday weight gain? Meet 'Biggest Loser'

We all, of course, try to stay away from holiday weight gain ... but many times, we end up losing this very difficult battle.

But who better to give us a few pointers about the issue then Dolvett Quince, a trainer on NBC’s "The Biggest Loser" and "The Biggest Loser" himself, John Rhode, who lost 220-pounds in 13-weeks.