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Tonight: Pills that kill! Dr. Drew wants to hear from you

Prescription pill abuse is the number one cause of accidental or premature death in the United States. More people die from it than traffic accidents. Dr. Drew will devote a significant part of the show to the topic. And he wants to hear from you. He will be taking your calls and questions about this scourge that is killing our friends and loved ones. If you care about what's happening to those all around us and want to know what can be done to stop it, you must watch this show.

Rep. Mary Bono Mack is Dr. Drew's special guest.

Tonight: Tom Arnold's Rx pill addiction revealed

Comedian Tom Arnold speaks with Dr. Drew about  something he kept secret from everyone, including his wife; an addiction to prescription pain medication. Arnold is one of millions who were/are dependent on such drugs. He'll talk about the effect they had on his life, his work and his relationships, and how he kicked the habit.

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Tonight: Pills that can kill ... Do we need new laws?

The cause of Whitney Houston's death is not yet known. But her passing  focused attention on addiction, specifically the abuse of prescription drugs.  Rep. Mary Bono Mack has introduced legislation to control the distribution of certain medication.  And she has a personal stake in the debate;  her own son struggled with addiction. She is  Dr. Drew's guest tonight.

Plus, an update on the student/teacher sex scandal at a Los Angeles-area elementary school.

Tonight: Who failed Whitney Houston? Why her story relates to you!

Whitney Houston's history of addiction was well-known. Did anyone try to help? Do you know what to do for a friend or family member who is abusing drugs? Is there a right and wrong way to intervene?

Dr. Drew answers these questions and many more tonight. He is an addiction expert who treats substance abusers. He’ll help us all understand what is, perhaps, one of the most complex and misunderstood illnesses today. Even some physicians don’t comprehend the myriad dangers of prescription drugs and their effects on addicts.

Tonight – Taylor Armstrong: Deep-down, I'm 'Shana'

The star of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reveals intimate, never-before-made-public details of her life in a special hour tonight. She can no longer remain silent about her traumatic childhood, the girl she used to be, and the need to re-invent herself as "Taylor". What is she running from? Will the demons haunt her forever? Did she make a terrible mistake by marrying for money, and not love?

Dr. Drew visits Taylor in her Beverly Hills home for an emotional, revealing and cathartic talk about life, love and loss.

Sex scandal: Culture of silence at LA school?

Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District return to their school in South LA Thursday to a completely new staff.

Administrators say they do not want any more "surprises" after a sex scandal rocked Miramonte Elementary School this week.

Tonight: Drastic action in response to school sex abuse allegations

The entire staff at a Los Angeles-area elementary school has been replaced in response to allegations that that two teachers committed lewd acts with students. Have the bonds of trust been broken forever? Are children being further traumatized by losing their teachers mid-school year? Is this just the beginning of what appears to be a growing scandal? Dr. Drew and his guests address those questions and others in a calm, reasonable and reassuring way.

Then, sex and religion. Should the church have any say about what happens in someone's bedroom? It's a debate that's raged for decades. Two men of the cloth who strayed join Dr. Drew for a lively debate.

Tonight: Elementary school teacher accused of classroom bondage horror. Were complaints ignored?

A fourth-grade teacher in Los Angeles is in jail, charged with lewd acts. He is accused of taking photographs of his young students for sexual kicks. Among the crimes the sheriff's department says he committed against children: putting tape over mouths or blindfolds over eyes with spoonfuls of a substance near their mouths, and feeding them sperm-laced cookies. Authorities say the teacher documented it all through photos. Since his arrest this week, former students who are now adults, say their complaints about the 30-year veteran teacher were ignored.

Dr. Drew and his guests discuss the teacher's alleged behavior, school officials' response and the possible effects on children.

Woman defriends her rapist on Facebook

Dorri Olds was a lonely, vulnerable 13-year-old girl when she was gang raped by a group of teenage boys.

Thirty-eight years later, one of the boys who raped her appeared on her Facebook page under the “People You May Know” section.

Tonight: Admitted murderer Joran van der Sloot doomed to prison in Peru, plus "scream rooms"

The man suspected of killing Natalee Holloway was sentenced today to 28 years in prison. He admitted earlier this week that he strangled a young woman in a Lima hotel room. Why the plea? Will it lead to answers about Natalee? Is this justice? Dr. Drew and his guests answer those questions and others.

Plus, "scream rooms". Some kids in a Connecticut school are put in them when they need a time out. Parents say they didn't know about the closets in which blood and urine have been found. What's going here? Who decides how to manage your child when he/she is at school? Is all this legal? Dr. Drew will sound off on this. Guess what he thinks!