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Statements surrounding NY medical mystery

The EPA is aware of the parents and community's concerns and we are working closely with the school district and all of the involved state agencies to give them information related to the Lehigh valley Derailment Superfund site about 4 miles from the school.

While EPA is gathering information about actions that took place at the Lehigh site before the site became a federal Superfund site, we do not believe pollution from either site is impacted the school. As we gather all of the facts, we will keep the community, our state partners and the school district up to date. In addition, there is another Superfund site about 10 miles east of the school that EPA also believes has no impact on the school.

NY medical mystery: Entire town remains on edge

A 36-year-old woman who is a nurse has been diagnosed with conversion disorder. It's also known as Mass Psychogenic Illness. But are her tics and twitches related to the cases of more than a dozen teen girls and one boy in Le Roy, New York? She'll speak to Dr. Drew and his guests about the possible links between them. And does a limestone quarry in the area have anything to do with this medical mystery? Get the tonight's breaking news and today's developments about a situation that has an entire town holding its breath.

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Web Exclusive: Did the EPA 'drop the ball' in Le Roy?

Did a chemical spill from a train derailment four decades ago have anything to do with an illness that’s causing uncontrollable outbursts and twitching in 15 girls and one boy in Le Roy, New York?

Bob Bowcock, an environmental water specialist associated with famed environmental activist Erin Brockovich, went to the derailment site Saturday to test for contaminants.

Dr. Drew: Is toxic spill linked to NY teen illness?

Famed environmental activist Erin Brockovich sent her team over the weekend to look into whether a chemical spill from a 1970s train derailment had anything to do with an illness that's affecting 15 girls and one boy.

Environmental investigator and longtime Brockovich associate Bob Bowcock took soil and water samples in and around Le Roy, N.Y. However, he was told by school district officials that he was not to take any samples from school grounds.

Tonight: NY Medical mystery investigation continues

Why has a group of teenagers developed Tourette-like symptoms in the LeRoy, N.Y. area?

Doctors have previously said it’s a psychological problem - a form a contagious hysteria. But is toxic waste really to blame?

Dr. Drew: Brockovich team 'stonewalled'

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Dr. Drew: Brockovich team 'stonewalled'

Fifteen high school students from Le Roy, N.Y. continue to suffer from an illness that’s causing uncontrollable twitching and outbursts.

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Erin Brockovich uncovers possible break in medical mystery on 'Dr. Drew'

At least 15 high school students in Le Roy, N.Y. are suffering from the same mysterious illness that's causing Tourette-like outbursts.

In an eye-opening interview Friday night, environmental activist Erin Brockovich talked to HLN’s “Dr. Drew” about the findings in her own investigation.

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