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Dr. Drew questions judge's 'sermon' during Murray sentencing

The final chapter in Michael Jackson`s death was written Tuesday as Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in prison by what appeared to be a very angry judge.

“People are depending upon Dr. Murray to be candid with them, regarding Mr. Jackson`s medical condition," Judge Michael Pastor said at Murray’s sentencing. "Dr. Murray is lying. He`s lying to the AEG people. He`s lying to Mr. Ortega. He`s lying to the insurance carrier, and anybody else he can, and he`s engaged in personal matters while he should be paying attention to his patient.”

Tonight: Outrage over Aruba suspect's release

The man who'd been in an Aruban jail for months is a free man tonight. But Gary Giordano is still a suspect in the disppearance of American beatuy Robyn Gardner. Dr. Drew speaks with her friends about what happens now.

Dr. Drew then weighs in on the arsenic-in-apple juice-controversy. Are juice companies knowingly putting your kids at risk?

Conrad Murray sentenced to four years behind bars

LOS ANGELES (CNN) - Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced Tuesday to four years in jail - the maximum sentence allowed under the law - in the death of Michael Jackson.

Judge Michael Pastor, in a lengthy statement delivered before sentencing Murray for involuntary manslaughter, said he felt a significant responsibility to determine the appropriate sentence, utilizing his "sense of fairness and decency."

Syracuse Univ. fires coach amid abuse allegations

Syracuse University's assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine has been fired after three men have come forward accusing him of molesting them.

The story is full of twists – alleged abuse, secret telephone conversations, and bizarre love triangles. watch.

Tonight: Michael Jackson's former doctor going to jail

Dr. Drew is angry at the judge in the Conrad Murray case. Did he overstep his bounds by sentencing the doctor to four years in prison? See why Dr. Drew is hot under the collar.

Then, what are reality shows doing to our kids? Dr. Drew believes they could be setting bad examples. He says Kim Kardashian and her estranged husband engaged in domestic violence in front of millions of TV viewers. He'll look at the pros and cons of reality TV.

Dr. Drew: Domestic violence in Kim K's marriage?

Kim Kardashian took a swing at her soon-to-be ex-husband on Sunday night`s premiere of her E! reality show, “Kourtney and Kim Take New York."

“What you`re seeing there is domestic violence,’” Dr. Drew said on his HLN show Monday night. “It looks playful. What`s the big deal? It is a massive deal … anybody viewing this has to understand the spectrum of domestic violence and this is an incontrovertible piece of evidence of someone engaged in a domestic violence relationship … when it starts like that, it always starts like that … then, it`s a broken jaw and the emergency room.”

FAMU band member death: Hazing?

One of the most prestigious college marching bands in the world has been suspended after one of its members died – a death that's been linked to hazing.

Robert Champion, 26, played in the famed Florida A&M Marching 100 band. He collapsed on a bus after a football game last Saturday.

Tonight: Syracuse U. allegations: Another Penn State?

Syracuse University has fired a longtime assistant basketball coach after a third alleged victim of sexual abuse has come forward. Was there a culture of silence at the school? What about a cover-up? And what does a taped conversation with the former coach's wife reveal? Dr. Drew and his guests get some answers.

And, this may be the ultimate "why people do what they do" story: Black Friday was a dark day for some shoppers. Pepper spray, mobs, and violence marred Christmas shopping in a number of stores. Did anyone try to help? If you want to know why people become violent in pursuit of presents, and why it doesn't bother others- tune in!

James Durbin talks, Asperger, Tourette syndromes

From our Thanksgiving Special: Hear 'American Idol' finalist James Durbin talk about life with Asperger and Tourette syndromes.

Fmr. NBA star Chris Herren thankful for sobriety

From our Thanksgiving Special: Former NBA star Chris Herren talks about overcoming his addiction to heroin.