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Monday on Dr. Drew

The Kim Kardashian marriage … Were we duped? Why did we buy into it? The profit from the wedding was in the millions. Was this fabricated for television? Is this belittling marriage?

Then, a mother learns about son's death on Facebook. He was a football player who died after a game. We’ll be asking the tough questions,

Dr. Klein's attorney, Dr. Drew ... round two

Michael Jackson: addict or not? Did D Dr. Klein get ambushed? And what is a primary care doctor really supposed to be doing?

Dr. Drew and Dr. Klein's attorney Garo Ghazarian discuss these issues and more. Watch.

Dr. Drew, Dr. Klein's attorney debate

Demerol – a powerful narcotic, and part of the loosely-managed drug regimen leading up to Michael Jackson’s Death.

The question is – did abuse of this drug stoke a cycle of addiction that ended with fatal levels of the surgical anesthetic propofol? And more importantly – were MJ’s doctors to blame for this haphazard use of pharmaceuticals?

Exclusive: Teacher guilty of sex with 5 students, lawyers speak out

A former Ohio high school was taken out of a courtroom in handcuffs Thursday.

Stacy Schuler's was found guilty on charges related to sexual encounters with five students.

Thursday on Dr. Drew

Baby Lisa's half-brothers, will be re-interviewed on Friday by a child services specialist. But today, authorities were at a lake near Lisa’s home. They say no specific tip led them there for a second time. What’s really going on?

Plus ... nearly two weeks ago, a 5-year-old girl vanished outside her suburban Phoenix home. Jahessye Shockley’s family is claiming that police let race and the mother's criminal past stand in the way of the search. We take a closer look.

Desperate search: Jhessye Shockley's family speaks out on Dr. Drew

A little girl vanishes from her home in suburban Phoenix while her mom reportedly steps away to run an errand.

Nearly two weeks have gone by and no one has seen 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley.

Exclusive: Missing 15-year-old reunited with mom

A missing teen found in Mexico has been reunited with her mother in the United States

Alisa Wheeler, 15, went missing four months ago after getting into meth.

Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace question oddities in baby Lisa case

Baby Lisa's half-brothers, who were at the family's home the night Lisa disappeared, will be interviewed by a child services specialist Friday.

The boys, 8 and 6, were previously interviewed just after Lisa disappeared, both for under an hour.

Wednesday on Dr. Drew

Nancy Grace will be a guest on Dr. Drew tonight.

Nancy will be talking about Chaz Bono’s emotional ballroom exit from "Dancing With the Stars." Chaz wanted to show America a different kind of man.

Mansion mystery body exhumed?

Sources say the Dr. Phil show is helping to exhume the body of Coronado mansion death victim Rebecca Zahau.

Guest on Dr. Drew Tuesday night, Jen Heger, legal editor for RadarOnline, says the body has already been exhumed and flown to Pennsylvania.