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Cindy Anthony back on the stand

Cindy Anthony takes the stand… again! And she denies any incident involving Lee entering Casey’s bedroom at night.

Was there any sexual abuse going on in the Anthony home? Vinnie Politan is filling in for Dr. Drew this week and asked his panel of guests!

Did Cindy Anthony lie about chloroform searches?

The prosecution says it plans to call two of Cindy Anthony’s former co-workers as witnesses. Will they be able to prove she was at work when searches for 'chloroform' were made on the family computer?

Vinnie Politan is filling in for Dr. Drew this week and asked his panel of experts!

My serial killer dad is like Casey Anthony

Melissa Moore says she has studied the similarities between Casey Anthony and her father, who was known as the “Happy Face Killer”.

He brutally murdered at least eight women.

Is Casey derailing her own defense?

The prosecution says Casey may have come up with her defense that Caylee drowned in the pool from a "buddy behind bars."

They say Casey whispered to other inmates through the vents ... had pen pals in prison.

Cindy stunner: I searched 'chloroform'

It was a blockbuster day in the Casey Anthony murder trial Thursday.

Casey’s mother Cindy Anthony said under oath that she’s the one who searched the words “chloroform” and “chlorophyll” on ther home computer.

The many faces of George Anthony

The defense is about to call George Anthony's so-called mistress to testify.

Is the defense on to something or are they once again trying to drag George further through the mud?

Could Casey walk free?

Medical examiner Werner Spitz testified this weekend. He performed a second autopsy on Caylee Anthony after calling the first autopsy “shoddy”.

When Spiitz took the stand, he never mentioned drowning. Could that prove problematic for the defense?

Inside the forensic evidence

There was more and more evidence Friday in the Casey Anthony trial.

A bug expert took the stand and said the insects found in Casey’s car do not prove a dead body was in the trunk.

Casey jurors: What are they thinking?

Dr. Drew's guests explain why everything is important when it comes to jury selection.

Casey's defense: Secret star witness

There was a stunning development Wednesday ... Casey Anthony’s defense team announced a surprise star witness.

He's an Orlando felon with a violent past and a history of kidnapping.