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Cindy Anthony's desperate denial?

It was day six of the Casey Anthony murder trial … and Casey’s mom, Cindy Anthony, broke down on the stand.

Cindy is a trained nurse. She said several times that Casey’s car smelled like a decomposing body, but then did a complete 180 and changed her tune ... blaming the odor on rotting pizza.

College: Hookups in, dating out

Dating is apparently out and hookups are in. It’s a fast-paced pressure cooker for today’s college kids. Is sex out of control on campuses? Dr. Drew takes a closer look.

Jeff Conaway dies

Watch as Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood discuss the life and death of Jeff Conaway.

Casey's dad: Victim or monster?

It was day three of the Casey Anthony murder trial and Casey's dad George Anthony was back on the stand.

For three days, he has been sitting in the courtroom while his daughter accuses him of horrific sexual abuse.

Prescription pill use destroying whole town

Prescription drugs are now the number one cause of fatal overdoses in the U.S.

In Ohio, the number of fatal overdoses accounts for more deaths than car crashes.

Phil Keoghan talks Multiple Sclerosis

He’s widely known as the TV host who races around the world creating amazing experiences for contestants and fans. The "Amazing Race's" Phil Keoghan joined Dr. Drew on last night's show.

It was also World Multiple Sclerosis Day .. and in an effort to bring awareness to MS, Phil produced a film called "The Ride".

Mom: Four Loko killed my son

Heartbroken parents have sued an alcohol company. They say their son died after drinking what some have nick-named "blackout in a can" and "liquid cocaine".

One can of the drink Four Loko packs a burst of caffeine and a ton of alcohol. A 15-year-old apparently drank two cans of the stuff before he died. One can of Four Loko is like drinking five beers and four cups of coffee. This teen had the equivalent of beers and eight cups of coffee the night he died.

The sexualization of America's tweens

Padded pushup bikini tops, lingerie inspired dresses, thigh-high patent leather boots ... it sounds like stuff you'd see in Maxim magazine ... but some clothing is marketed to girls as young as age 7.

A new study found that nearly a third of girls' clothing at major retailers had sexualizing features ... characteristics that could encourage young women to view themselves as sex objects.

Dr. Drew talks opening of Casey Anthony trial

We often use words such as "shocking" or "surprising" when talking about stories that throw us off a bit.

In the case of Casey Anthony, those words might not be strong enough.

Toronto couple raising 'gender-free' child

When a baby is born, what's the first question we ask? "Is it a boy or girl?" Right? Well, a couple in Toronto is creating a major stir right now because they're not saying anything.

They are raising their baby Storm gender-free. David Stocker and his wife Kathy argue that they're giving their child the freedom to choose who he or she wants to be. What's good about this? What's bad? Dr. Drew looks into the situation.