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Dr. Drew sings opera

Did you know that Dr. Drew is a trained opera singer? That’s right, not an opera fan, but an opera singer!

He’s a baritone and took voice lessons for many years. Drew said, at times, he would drift away from his science training in college and truly thought he was going to be an opera singer.

Adam Carolla talks working with Dr. Drew

In this exclusive HLN interview, Adam Corolla discusses the camaraderie he had with Dr. Drew while working on “Loveline.”

Carolla said that Drew had a genuine commitment to the program.

Dr. Drew loves Twitter, Facebook

Dr. Drew’s family comments on Dr. Drew’s heavy use of the internet during his HLN special that airs on Sunday.

“I think he uses the internet, like Facebook and stuff, more than the three of us combined,” his daughter Paulina said.

Dr. Drew talks envy, 'Celebrity Rehab'

“Envy is the most destructive of human emotions,” Dr. Drew says during his upcoming HLN special. “We are enjoying and getting gratified by looking at someone else's demise. That is not so pretty.”

“Isn't that what ‘Celebrity Rehab’ is?” Robin Meade asks.

Producers ready for launch of Dr. Drew’s HLN show

Dr. Drew’s new show on HLN is now just days away, and the staff that’s making it all come together has been hard at work.

During the last few months, producers have been busy putting together story ideas, scripts, rundowns, videos, and, of course, the guests!

Dr. Drew answers critics on diagnosing people on TV

Dr. Drew had been criticized recently for diagnosing people he has watched on TV.

In tonight's show, he'll address that very issue.

Dr. Drew: 'I needed to be perfect'

As Robin Meade was looking at some pictures from Dr. Drew's past, she asked him: “What misconceptions about medicine or career did that guy have?”

“The biggest misconception I had, was that I could be ever-present and continuously perfect as a physician for anybody at all times no matter what,” Dr. Drew replied.

Tell Dr. Drew your success story

Have you overcome addiction, a traumatic event, or even just a dead-end job?

Share your inspiring, transformational story. In a short video, tell us about your experience, the challenges you faced, and how you finally got your life back on track.

Dr. Drew: Celebrity narcissism is seducing America

We all can be consumed by celebrity behavior almost every day of our lives.

Sometimes though, young people will model some of the stars’ narcissistic behavior.

Dr. Drew talks 'March Madness'

Dr. Drew shows his humorous side in a new NCAA March Madness ad that was released this week.

“As a professional, I find the term ‘March Madness’ both clinically inaccurate and medically irresponsible,” he jokes in his opening line of the promo.