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Tonight: Was wife's suicide really a murder?

New evidence, and new witnesses, have caused police to reopen the investigation in to the death of a mother of three.

28-year-old Ashley Fallis died from a gunshot to the head. It was ruled a suicide. Her police officer husband was cleared following an investigation. But Ashley’s family is outraged. They're convinced the case was deliberately bungled by the husband’s co-workers. Did they help a fellow cop cover up a murder? What could have caused investigators to omit critical details from the initial police report? And how did the husband account for the scratches he was covered with on the morning after the death? Dr. Drew and the Behavior Bureau discuss what should happen next, including to the couple’s three children, who are still living with the dad.

Tonight: Mom killed while on 911 call

Tonight: Mom killed while on 911 call

A Colorado woman calls 911, telling dispatchers her husband is high on pot and hallucinating – screaming about the end of the world, and scaring their children.

By the time police responded, the woman was dead – shot in the head, police say, by the husband. Now, Denver police have launched an investigation to find out what they could have done differently. Dr. Drew and the Behavior Bureau weigh in on what happens now to the couple’s three kids, the role marijuana may have played, and why it took so long for police to respond.

Tonight: Why?

Tonight: Why?

New information about the the Utah mom facing multiple murder charges after police discover the bodies of seven dead infants in her former home.

Megan Huntsman has made her first court appearance; what did we learn? Also: Her ex-husband reportedly talked to neighbors about the case, and they are sharing what they know about the crime scene. Dr. Drew and his guests will have the latest, including the possibility that DNA testing will be used to determine who fathered the dead infants. 

Tonight: 7 dead babies in cardboard boxes

Tonight: 7 dead babies in cardboard boxes

A Utah woman has been arrested after the bodies of seven tiny babies were found in cardboard boxes in her former home.

Police believe they are her children. Her husband is among the many asking how this could have happened. Dr. Drew and his guests will try to answer that question among others: How did she hide the pregnancies from friends, neighbors and her other children?

Tonight: Teacher charged with sexual assault

Tonight: Teacher charged with sexual assault

A California middle school teacher “used to be a little flirty sometimes,” according to a student.

But she is charged with something far more serious: the sexual assault of 3 teen boys. She is also charged with sending pornographic texts. The alleged victims are all students of hers. Police say the acts occurred over a 2-year period. How does this happen? Are there predictors of such behavior? Why do people in positions of power target children? And why does there seem to be more of this behavior than ever? Dr. Drew and guests will answer those questions and others tonight.

Amanda Bynes, July 2013

A cannabis conservatorship for Bynes? Really?

Amanda Bynes' mother Lynn told E! News on Wednesday that her daughter has no mental illnesses.

"She has never been diagnosed as schizophrenic or bipolar," Lynn Bynes claimed.

Tonight: #StabbingSelfie

Twenty people were injured in a mass slashing rampage at a Pennsylvania school today.

What did at least one of the injured do? He took a selfie at the hospital, pointing to his bandaged arm, and posted it on Instagram: “Chillin at Children’s”. Is this appropriate? Is it cathartic? Is it strange? Dr. Drew and The Behavior Bureau answer those and other questions about why people respond to tragedies by documenting them with self-portraits they share with the world.

Tonight: The pillowcase rapist

Tonight: The pillowcase rapist

The man known as the Pillowcase Rapist has been ruled fit for release.

But no one wants him in their backyard. A proposed housing location is out in the middle of nowhere, but still too close for comfort for some people. So, where will the man who terrified and raped more than 2 dozen women go? He can’t stay in a mental hospital forever, or can he? Dr. Drew & The Behavior Bureau will answer these questions:  Can a dangerous sexual predator be cured? What treatment did he receive? And was it enough?

Tonight: Starved boy weighs 29 pounds

Tonight: Starved boy weighs 29 pounds

He weighs 29 pounds and is five years old.

Cops say a skeletal, Houston-area child was living in a tiny room under the stairs. Sores and scabs cover his body. His father and stepmother were arrested. Tonight we’ll hear from the stepmother who says she’d never seen him without his shirt on, so she was unaware of his condition. His mother, who had not seen him in two years, is now seeking custody. We’ll see what she has to say.

Tonight: Starved by his own father?

A 5-year-old boy was found starved, almost beyond recognition.

His father and stepmom are accused of hiding him away in a closed under the stairs, and neglecting him. This is not an isolated case. There are stories nearly every week about such alleged abuse. Why would a parent deliberately starve his/her own child? We've got an exclusive with a neighbor.