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Death to boredom: Here are the best free mobile games

  • Our 17 favorite ways to kill time and not spend a dime
  • Take a look then add your own picks in the comments
Death to boredom: Here are the best free mobile games

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Our phones are completely amazing things, capable of producing cinema-worthy videos, bringing up our complete medical records in an instant and, of course most impressively, slingshotting mutant birds with poor dispositions into piles of pigs and wood.

Yes, sophisticated and revolutionary as they may be, clearly we all know our phones are really just there to serve up a bottomless supply of video games. A bottomless supply. Some of which are even good -- and free. Finding them though among the thousands of titles can be difficult. So here is our cheatsheet to some of the best free mobile games out there:

1. Watercolours (iOS): Solve puzzles by mixing and guiding different colors of paint to their designated targets. Deceptively difficult and easy on the eyes, too.

2. Pocket Planes (iOS and Android): You're in charge of an airport, tasked with making sure everyone gets where they need to go on time without firing off angry tweets at your corporate account. That last part isn't actually true, but it would make things a lot more realistic.

3. QuizUp (iOS and Android): The best trivia on your phone, hands down. Quick games against global competition on a huge variety of subjects (seriously, a huge variety) make this popular quiz game worth the hype.

4. Trace (iOS): A bit like Watercolours in that it's an artsy-ish game where your creations will either help or doom you. Your own hand-drawn paths and obstacles guide your adventure in this game which ends up looking like your second-grade doodles brought to life.

5. 2048 (iOS and Android): After a solid stay near the top of the iTunes charts, this math and logic game where you slide numbered tiles together until they add up to 2048 has lost a bit of buzz but maintains its fun and challenging gameplay.

6. Flick Soccer (iOS and Android) and Soccer Showdown (iOS and Android): Two great games to satisfy your World Cup soccer jones (or soon help with World Cup withdrawal) each with a variety of game modes and many, many national flags.

7. Let It Goat (iOS and Android): Super Mario Bros. + Flappy Bird x Frozen = This absurd little timekiller.

8. Quadropus Rampage (iOS and Android): Well, since we're already talking about absurd little timekillers, take a look at this one involving a four-armed octopus, his starfish sidekick and a dangerous deep-water quest to find some guy named Pete.

9. Letterpress (iOS): Pretty accurately described by Macworld as combining "the fun of Boggle with Risk." Letterpress turns a colorful board of lettered tiles into a battlefield as you try to create words while blocking your opponent from doing the same.

10. Asphalt 8 (iOS and Android): Serious graphics and great action have made this one of the most popular mobile racing games, out of many to choose from.

11. Golf Mobile (iOS) and Putt Golf (iOS): Two more pack-leaders in crowded fields, these might be tops among the scores of free golfing games. Unfortunately Android users will have to keep looking elsewhere.

12. Clash of Clans (iOS and Android): You know your app has made it when it gets its own TV commercials, as this hugely popular combat strategy game has done. It's kind of like The Sims, but with raiding parties, axes and giants.

13. Ruzzle Adventure (iOS) and Two Dots (iOS): A pair of addictively clever word and puzzle games, respectively, which we've gone on at length about before. Both take the more simple gameplay elements of their predecessors and give them a mapped out journey with advancing levels of playful difficulty that any Candy Crush fan would recognize.

14. Cool Pizza (iOS): Here's the official description of this minimalist, black-and-white-and-bursts-of-neon game: "A girl and her haunted skateboard dive through the depths of the underworld, fighting devils and looking for answers. Can pizza ever be cool?" Go have fun with that.

So there's our list -- what'd we leave off? Tell everyone about your favorite freebie games in the comments.

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