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25 Twitter accounts that'll make you smarter

  • It's time to spruce up your feed with some deep thinkers
  • Why not add some fun facts and articles while you're at it?
25 Twitter accounts that'll make you smarter

It's easy to let our Twitter timeline get mucked up with the same-old same-old sports scores and friends-of-friends posting pictures of their dogs. Why not make some massive Twitter follows and get some interesting information for once?

Let's start out with some collections that are bound to be little fonts of virtual wisdom:

@brainpickings: For lighting up your mind.

@mental_floss: For a curio cabinet of information.

@thewordoftheday: For logophiles.

@HowStuffWorks: For the perennially curious.

@LettersOfNote: For unique historical gems.

@Nonprofits: For the mobilizers.

@TEDTalks: For long-form inspiration.

@GreatestQuotes: For not-so-long-form inspiration.

The scientists:

@Cmdr_Hadfield: For the best from space.

@neiltyson: For a bit of humor in the wide open cosmos.

@TheScienceGuy: For your childhood, all grown up.

The innovators:

@elonmusk: For dispatches from the future.

@ariannahuff: For a lesson in success.

@GloriaSteinem: For activism.

@richardbranson: For adventure.

@boonepickens: For the thoughts of a political giant.

@vaughanbell: For a window into your amazing brain.

The academics and the culture-makers:

@kenjennings: For smart people jokes.

@profblmkelly: For civil rights history.

@geekfeminism: For a new kind of conversation.

@Oprah: For your everything.

@copyranter: For a critical eye on ads.

@museumnerd: For art news and views from around the world.

@KimKierkegaardashian: For a mind-melting mashup.

@deepakchopra: For life guidance.

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