Box office bling: 10 highest-grossing films ever

  • Raking in the dough in Hollywood
  • What do the best money-making movies have in common?
Box office bling: 10 highest-grossing films ever

13 movies you might not know were remakes

13 movies you might not know were remakes

Film fans and the entertainment press have turned the game of box-office watching into a national sport. We report on the weekend grosses for new releases and sites even allow you to predict the winners and losers.  

Of course, there's a lot of money at stake. Just look at the list of top-grossing movies; the biggest movies raked in billions of dollars.


World all-time box office:

  1. "Avatar" 2009 $2.8 billion 
  2. "Titanic" 1997 $2.2 billion
  3. "Marvel's The Avengers" 2012 $1.5 billion
  4. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2" 2011 $1.3 billion
  5. "Iron Man 3" 2013 $1.2 billion
  6. "Frozen" 2013 $1.2 billion
  7. "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" 2011 $1.1 billion
  8. "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" 2003 $1.1 billion
  9. "Skyfall" 2012 $1.1 billion
  10. "The Dark Knight Rises" 2012 $1 billion

"Frozen" is still going strong in some places, so it could end up cracking the top 5!

However, that list can be deceptive for many reasons -- it doesn't take into account expenses, infamous "Hollywood accounting," and inflation. With inflation factored in here's what the list looks like:

  1. "Gone with the Wind" 1939 $3.3 billion
  2. "Avatar" 2009 $2.7 billion
  3. "Star Wars" 1977 $2.7 billion
  4. "Titanic" 1997 $2.4 billion
  5. "The Sound of Music" 1965 $2.3 billion
  6. "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" 1982 $2.2 billion
  7. "The Ten Commandments" 1956 $2.1 billion
  8. "Doctor Zhivago" 1965 $2 billion
  9. "Jaws" 1975 $1.9 billion
  10. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 1937 $1.7 billion

So what can we learn from these lists?  

1. Base your movie on something else

Books ("Gone with the Wind," "Harry Potter," "Jaws," "The Lord of the Rings") give you a built-in story and fanbase for your film. Today, you can also add in comic books (Marvel's "Avengers," DC's "Batman").

2. Hire Steven Spielberg or James Cameron

They both have two films on the top 10 lists.

It also wouldn't hurt to hire Robert Downey Jr. and put Iron Man in your movie.

3, Make it EPIC!

"Gone with the Wind," "Avatar," "Titanic," "The Ten Commandments," and many of the others are sweeping in scale.

"Avatar" used 3D to get people in to the seats to see it on the big screen.


4. Keep it clean

Neither list has an R-rated movie on it. These were films the entire family could go to.

5. In a world....

From "Snow White" to "Star Wars" to Middle Earth, the "other worlds" outnumber the "real" worlds. Even most of the top movies based on Earth have magic, giant robots, or superheroes in them.

So, who wants to help us film a PG-rated 3D epic about Iron Man rebuilding his home that was destroyed in the Civil War with the help of the Navi', and magic, while singing a show tune, directed by Spielberg, and written by Cameron?

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