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The 28 reactions to Facebook's 'Look Back' videos

  • Social site's auto-generated slideshow is taking over
  • ... and generating a very wide range of responses
  • For instance, regret: 'Huh. Totally forgot to make plans with that nice couple we met over the onion volcano at Benihana’s'
The 28 reactions to Facebook's 'Look Back' videos

Those Facebook "Look Back" videos are dominating your News Feed right now in a manner usually only reserved for "What type of flightless bird are you?" quizzes and snowfall rants.

The insta-nostalgia, photo-packed video slideshows Facebook delivered for every one of its users to celebrate its 10th birthday are wonderful (if a bit creepy in their creation) little things and, from the moment that soft music plays at the beginning, really good at extracting all of the emotions.

Here are 28 of the most common thoughts we've all had while watching them:

1. "I only joined Facebook in 2008? That’s impossible."

2. "Whoa. That haircut."

3. "Oh my God, the kids were so young!"

4. "Oh my God, how did I get so old?"

5. "Great. Now I’m crying at my desk."

6. "Ugh. We really need to go on another vacation."

7. "Oh yeah, whatever happened to that guy?"

8. "Hell yeah all my exercise has paid off."

9. "I miss my dad."

10. "Somewhere along the way I stopped having other people take pictures of me and now only take selfies."

11. "Somewhere along the way I stopped posting late night drinking pics and now only share things that won’t make me unhireable."

12. "Somewhere along the way I stopped posting pics of my spouse and now only share pictures of my kid."

13. "We need a date night."

14. "I need to do a better job at keeping in touch."


16. "Condescending Wonka! Man, he was the best."

17. "Damn. I post a lot of pictures."

18. "Damn. I post a lot of pictures of my dog."

19. "I’m an excellent photographer."

20. "Heh heh. That drag show."

21. "My bikini pictures seem to be a lot more popular than my food pictures."

22. "Where are all my cat photos? I post so many of them!"

23. "Where are all my political status updates? I post so many of them."

24. "Huh. Totally forgot to make plans with that nice couple we met over the onion volcano at Benihana’s."

25. "Ah, that shirt was awesome. I gotta go dig it out."

26. "Ah, how's that picture still up?! I gotta go delete it!"

27. "Wait. How did Facebook do this with all my pictures?"

28. "Well, that was surprisingly emotional."

Facebook, sponsored by Kleenex.

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