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Tiger Bowl 2013! The best of LSU vs. Auburn

  • LSU and Auburn face off in their rivalry game this Saturday
  • If you're a Tiger, you know: With this matchup, anything can happen
Tiger Bowl 2013! The best of LSU vs. Auburn

Thrilling victories, bitter revenge, and -- hey -- a fire!

One of the SEC's craziest rivalries has it all. If you're going to be at the game this weekend, we want to see you! Our Morning Express maven Robin Meade joins Carlos Diaz Friday starting at 6 a.m. ET live from Walk-Ons in Baton Rouge. Look for the Rivalry Express Bus! Use the hashtag #TumsTailgate to meet up, hang out, and win cool prizes (official rules).

For now, let's take a look back at some of the wildest moments from this unpredictable series:

October 8, 1988: The 'Earthquake Game'
LSU 7, Auburn 6

This low-scoring game wound down below two minutes with Auburn up 6-0. Tommy Hodson, LSU's quarterback, managed a 4th-down touchdown pass that made Tiger Stadium erupt with excitement. The crowd's celebration was so intense, it registered on the seismograph in LSU's Geoscience complex. LSU fans regard the game as "the stuff of legend."

September 16, 1995: The 'Whistle Game'
LSU 12, Auburn 6

This is probably not a favorite game if you're an Auburn fan. LSU was up 10-6 when Auburn QB Patrick Nix thought he heard a whistle during a play and was sacked in his own end zone, earning LSU a 2-point safety. The final seconds were just as thrilling -- it looked as if Auburn had a last shot at a TD and the win, but...nope, never mind. Nix's throw was intercepted in the end zone and LSU won the game.

September 21, 1996: The Au-burning Arena
LSU 19, Auburn 15

"So I went to a fire, and a football game broke out!" Sure sure, there was a game, touchdowns were had, but Holy Smoke Monster, there was a fire! And not just like a little pile of sticks -- the old Auburn Sports Arena went up in flames in the background of the Jordan-Hare stadium. You'd think this would cause, perhaps, concern, but the game wasn't delayed. You can see the images in the opening minute of the clip below. Crazy.

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September 18, 1999: Tuberville's 'Cigar Game'
Auburn 41, LSU 7

After a complete rout of LSU at Tiger Stadium, Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville and his victorious men smoked some celebratory cigars on the field (it was his birthday, after all!). This incensed LSU fans, and is seen by many to be the start of a real rivalry -- one that goes way past the game itself. Despite this pretty funny thing that happened the next year, Auburn's show of hubris would not bode well for them because...

December 1, 2001: LSU's Marching Band Curse
LSU 27, Auburn 14

Two years later, the game was delayed by the events of September 11. Tensions were high after the cigar incident, and Auburn players showed their disdain by stomping on the Eye of the Tiger -- the LSU seal at midfield. Let's just say after all of that, LSU really wanted a win.

It was also reported that Auburn kicker Damon Duval started practicing field goals while the LSU marching band was still on the field for their halftime show. Naturally, this led to a scuffle between Duval and two trombone players, which must have been glorious to behold. The musicians got the last laugh, though -- LSU won and Duval didn't make one kick in the second half. Click into the last minute or so to see a joyous crowd rushing to the field and bonus vintage Nick Saban.

October 22, 2005: Field Goal Fails
LSU 20, Auburn 17

In 2004, Auburn kicker John Vaughn saved the day by scoring a second-chance extra point with a little more than a minute remaining. Sadly, the following year he...didn't do so good. Vaughn missed five field goals, including one in overtime. To be fair, his wasn't the only display of derp-ness during the game: LSU player Dwayne Bowe dropped a touchdown pass, and the LSU kicker missed a crucial kick that could have sealed the deal for their win early on.

October 20, 2007: Lucky Byrd
LSU 30, Auburn 24

Now here's some exciting football. Trailing 23-24 with time running out (in a moment that would foreshadow Les Miles' heinous clock management skills), LSU's QB Matt Flynn launched a bomb to WR Demetrius Byrd, who, miracles of miracles, caught it with one second remaining.

You may be thinking, with a one-point deficit, why wouldn't they try for a field goal and still win? Well then you wouldn't have this amazingly excellent play to remember, now would you?

Skip to 8:20 for happiness or sadness, depending on what kind of Tiger you are:

October 23, 2010: Clash of the Undefeated
Auburn 24, LSU 17

Both teams entered the game ranked and undefeated, but Auburn ran some excellent plays (under current NFLer Cam Newton) and pulled ahead with a magnificent 70-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. They went on to win the SEC Championship AND the BCS National Championship, so let's just say it was definitely Auburn's year.

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