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Watch a woman lose 88 pounds in 5 seconds!

  • Amanda, a Reddit user, lost 88 pounds in a year and posted pics online
  • Another Reddit user made an astonishing GIF of her progress
Watch a woman lose 88 pounds in 5 seconds!

We all love "before" and "after" pictures. The trophies of successful fitness journeys are inspiring and astonishing, and trust us, you've never seen one like this.

Amanda, 26, posted progress pictures of her weight loss on /r/LoseIt and /r/keto, Reddit forums or "subreddits" dedicated to weight loss and healthy lifestyles. Through these subreddits and others like it, people share their fitness stories and support each other's goals. Photos are a common currency for these groups, and Amanda's original weight loss gallery from about a year ago has almost 3 million views.

After Amanda posted her victory, another Reddit user decided to add some magic to the mix. A user named Morphs_Your_Progress makes a practice of turning progress pictures into crazy, stunning .gifs, and he put all of Amanda's pics together to show the transformation over time. It recently surfaced on another part of Reddit and has gotten a lot of renewed attention. It's pretty awesome.

Whoa. Of course, 88 pounds in a year is a pretty big accomplishment, and Amanda has shared a lot of her weight loss tips. For one, she follows a mainly ketogenic diet, a high fat, moderate protein regimen that has a loyal following on Reddit.

Here are some other tips from her past Reddit posts:

One day at a time: "Trust me, I recognize how stupid and cliché this sounds," she writes. "But instead of dwelling on how difficult your entire journey is going to be, focus on making it through Today. This is the only thing you have to worry about, ever."

Be specific with your goals: "'Lose 85 pounds' is a good goal, but lacks direction on its own. 'Drink 1400ml of water a day', 'Eat at or under 1400 calories' and 'Complete 20 pushups' are observable, verifiable, reproducible habits."

You are in control: "You are more than just a number on a scale. You are greater than the sum of your cravings. You are a complex and amazing human being, and no matter what you might think, you are in control of your weight loss."

Amanda also appeared on Good Morning America to talk about her weight loss, her recent fame and the unexpected benefits of self-improvement. "I don't think I was actually prepared for the amount of emotional investment," Amanda told GMA. "People bare their souls when they want to take back their health."

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