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Forgot your keys? You're such a millennial...

  • Survey finds millennials are more forgetful than the elderly
  • The reason for forgetfulness? Stress!
  • Are you surprised by these findings?
Forgot your keys? You're such a millennial...

If you’re 28 or younger, you may have already forgotten this story's headline, along with today’s date, your keys, or maybe even to take a shower this morning.

A national poll by the Trending Machine has found that 39% of Americans ages 18-55+ forget at least one everyday item -- like a phone or medicine -- a week and millennials are the most forgetful. In fact, they’re almost twice as likely to misplace their wallet or purse as the elderly.

Researchers attribute this memory loss to stress.

“This is a population that has grown up multitasking using technology, often compounded by lack of sleep, all of which results in high levels of forgetfulness,” says Patricia Gutentag, a family and occupational therapist.

If this sounds like you, go ahead and pack up and move to Hawaii — or another peaceful, calming location out West where you can unplug — because there’s also a regional contributing factor when it comes to stress. According to the survey, 51% of folks in the Northeast are forgetful, compared to only 39% on the West Coast.

Pop quiz: Where’s your lunch? Don’t tell me you forgot to bring it with you… (If you did, you might be a millennial and are three times more likely to forget your grub at home).

Alright, one more thing to remember: Of those surveyed, women reported being more stressed out and forgetful than men. Researchers blame it on the struggle to find the proverbial (and potentially unattainable?) work-life balance. And that reference to forgetting to take a shower (scroll up, in case you can’t recall it)? More women than men admitted to forgetting to bathe. And here we thought women cared more about personal hygiene than men…

Now, what were we talking about?

Just kidding.

What do you think? Are you surprised that 20-somethings are more forgetful than 50-somethings? 

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