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Weekend Express with Lynn Smith

Fast-paced look at the day's essential news and buzz-worthy stories

60 seconds with Lynn Berry!

  • Lynn will be filling in for Natasha Curry for the new few weeks
  • In order to get to know her better, we hit her up with some questions
60 seconds with Lynn Berry!

Lynn Berry is hangin’ with the Weekend Express crew for the next few weeks—holding down the fort at the anchor desk! We couldn’t help but ask the fabulous news anchor a couple quick questions before we handed over the keys to the HLN studio. We had 60 seconds to squeeze in some seriously important questions. We’re covering bucket lists, breakfast foods and her one guilty pleasure!

Weekend Express: What’s your favorite breakfast food?
Lynn Berry: Peanut butter!!  Peanut butter on banana, peanut butter on toast, peanut butter on anything edible.

Weekend Express: Coffee or tea in the mornings?
Berry:We work in morning it's definitely coffee and LOTS of it!

Weekend Express: Morning person or night owl?
Berry: BOTH!  I can function on very little sleep and tend to not like to miss anything so I am up early and to bed late.  I may be in a study one day proving, without any reasonable doubt, that lack of sleep leads to early death but at least I won’t miss a thing.  I’m the living version of “gavel to gavel coverage”.

Weekend Express: What’s your ideal weekend look like?
Berry: A good solid combo of my two favorite things: food and exercise.  On the food front, I secretly (not anymore) wish I was a professional chef so I pretend to be one and love hosting dinner parties.  Thankfully, I love to workout pretty much every day (newest obsession is Blast 900…Google it) or else I would also end up in a study about how eating too much leads to early death.

Weekend Express: What’s your guilty pleasure?
Berry: Shake Shack burger and fries.  Made famous in NYC, it's a sinfully delish burger with crinkle fries (why doesn't every restaurant serve crinkle fries?).  For the record, they are so much better.

Who is one person—dead or alive—that you would love to interview? Why?
Berry: There are too many historical figures, icons and famous people to name so I'd go the personal route.  My grandparents.  They came to this country from Ukraine when my Dad was 4 years old and there are so many stories of courage and the human spirit they experienced along the way.  I was too young to record them before they died and it's one of my greatest regrets.  Their story is what the American Dream is all about and that's one of my favorite stories to tell.

Weekend Express:  What’s one thing on your bucket list you haven’t done yet?
Berry: Made a bucket list.  I don't want to be disappointed if I don't do all of them so I'd rather just be really happy with what I have done and will do. 

Weekend Express: Okay, what are three facts people would be surprised if they knew about you?
Berry: 1. When it comes to music, I am a 13-year-old girl.  Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" is my summer jam.  I'm not proud.
2. I laugh at my own jokes.  Usually the other person is laughing at me laughing.  It's kinda sad.
3. I absolutely love black licorice...there are only about 5 of us in the world so every time I buy it at the store I get asked by the cashier "why?" No joke.

Weekend Express: If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?
Berry: Lynn Berry: Asks Too Many Questions. That's what was written on my kindergarten report card and it pretty much sums me up today.  Sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing but always my thing.

Weekend Express: Finish this sentence: I’m happiest when...
Berry: I'm hanging with my nephews.  You know that person that constantly pushes pictures of their kids and makes you looks at them and you really could care less?  That's me with my nephews.  I realize you don't care but I honestly can't help it.  Sorry in advance.

Can’t wait to hang with you guys these next few weekends! Grab your favorite breakfast food…coffee or tea…and tune in!

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