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Nancy Grace

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How is Jodi Arias tweeting from jail?

  • Friend tells HLN she is managing Twitter account for Arias
  • Friend: 'We just kind of talked about how she could maybe communicate'
  • Friend denies certain tweets are aimed at prosecutor
A friend of Jodi Arias has confirmed to HLN she is managing a Twitter account for the accused murderer

The woman behind Arias' Twitter account speaks

The woman behind Arias' Twitter account speaks

A friend of Jodi Arias confirmed on HLN’s Nancy Grace Thursday that she is managing a Twitter account for the accused murderer.

Donavan Bering told HLN she runs the account, which now has more than 11,000 followers. The page has been active since mid-February with occasional posts seemingly offering Arias' commentary on the trial, the media and her life in jail.

“We just kind of talked about how she could maybe communicate…and I knew that people had Twitter accounts and stuff, and so we just thought that we would work on that,” Bering told Jean Casarez on Thursday's show.

On the page, Arias appears to criticize prosecutor Juan Martinez, complains about HLN’s coverage of the case and promotes a website she says is selling artwork on her behalf. She also explains some of her own courtroom behavior.

“For crying out loud, It's Imitrex. You know, for migraines,” she tweeted on March 29, following media reports that focused on her taking a pill in court.

Arias claimed in one tweet that a moment in March when she appeared to subtly display her middle finger in court was directed at Nancy Grace. According to Bering, however, they came up with that only after seeing the media making such a big deal of the gesture.

“The story on that,” Bering said, “believe it or not, it was not done on purpose…None of us had even noticed until after getting home from court, so it was an after the fact angle.”

Bering said she talks to Arias on the phone after court at night often and sometimes Arias tells her she wants to tweet something.

“She will say, hey, I read this really cool quote, I would like to tweet it,” Bering said.

One tweet quotes screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, saying, "Nothing has done more to make us dumber or meaner than the anonymity of the Internet."

Bering said she understands why people have speculated that some of the tweets are aimed at Martinez--with references to “Little Man’s Syndrome” and “he who tries to establish his point by much yelling”--but she insisted they were not addressing anyone specific.

“I wouldn’t put a tweet on there that was going to be offensive really to anyone in the courtroom if it was deliberate,” Bering said.

“Jodi is not sarcastic about this,” she added.

Bering and Arias do not talk about the trial much when they speak, but she said Arias is hoping the truth comes out and “there will be a good outcome.”

Bering said she did not know whether they would be posting a new tweet Thursday night.

“I have not talked to Jodi,” she said. “It has been a very hectic day. It has just been a nightmare, so I don’t know if I will even be talking to her tonight.”

Sgt. Brandon Jones of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office told HLN Arias does not have any access to a computer or Twitter in jail, but nothing is stopping her from posting through a third party like Bering. She has access to a phone 16 hours a day, although all calls are recorded.

Regarding the artwork allegedly drawn by Arias, Jones said she has access to colored pencils and can give things to people who visit her, but there is no way for him to confirm whether the art online is hers.

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